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Keya Patar Nouko is a Bengali romantic drama serial that was premiered and broadcasted on Zee Bangla. Based on the novel of the same name written by Prafulla Roy Prafulla Roy is a well-known Bengali author. He wa >> Read More... this serial gained popularity as soon as it hit the screens. Written by Leena Gangopadhyay Leena Gangopadhyay is a Bengali writer, director, >> Read More... and directed by Saibal Banerjee Bio coming soon... >> Read More... this serial was premiered on 14th February 2011 and continued until 26th October 2013, consisting a total of 844 episodes each with a total duration of 22 minutes. The serial follows the original plot of the book and focuses on the concept of struggle and hope. Set in the timeline of India’s independence era and partition, this serial revolves around two separate individuals Shona and Kiran. Shona is portrayed as a Hindu male who shares a profound and inseparable bond with his childhood friend Kiran, who is also known as Fatema, a Muslim.

During the era of partition of India, the two get separated from each other which leaves a great impact on both of their minds. They both strive to meet each other someday and reunite like they were supposed to. As the story progresses, a lot of new characters are introduced and several new relationships are seen to unfold. However, the partition makes everything a bit more complicated and the people who are shown to be the migrants get caught up in a war-like situation. They are shown to overcome hardships and struggle throughout their lives to find a place they can call a home. Characters such as Binu, Jhinuk, Hem Karta and Snehalata play a key role in the story. The story describes what they have to go through throughout their lives because of the division and how they are treated by the other people.

Shona and Kiran even though they find love and comfort in each other and get reunited once again, their religions make it difficult for them to find true happiness and peace, the way they are treated constantly by the people makes it difficult for them to find a sanctuary. Binu and Jhinuk face immense hardships on their way to Kolkata and they have a problem regarding facing their real identity. The partition renders everyone struggling for happiness and peace but in vain.

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