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Guriya Jekhane Guddu Sekhane Bengali TV SERIALS on Star Jalsha
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Guriya Jekhane Guddu Sekhane is Bengali television series that airs on GEC Star Jalsha. This telecasts in the channel from 21st January 2019. Child artists Abhirup Sen  The Bengali industry is not just filled with grow >> Read More... and Pritha Ghosh are the child Guddu and Guriya in the serial. The story revolves around two orphans who grow in the same orphanage in North Bengal. Their bonds develop as friendship and then turn to love. When Guriya falls into a serious illness, Guddu struggles to fulfill her wish of uniting her with the family. In this series, during their childhood episodes, they also show Abira and Ankush’s marriage. Guddu knows that Guriya is suffering from severe heart disease when Hirimba arranges for Guriya’s adoption. Guddu runs from the hostel to manage money, but all his tries fail. He then plans to reunite Guriya with her real family and visits Hirimba’s office to search for the address. He then moves out of the orphanage to find her parents. On searching, she also sees him in the temple, where the cops catch him for stealing the donation amount of the temple. But Paltan kidnaps him, and Hirimba, with his associate, reaches the same temple. The situation turns worse when a strange lady misleads Guriya, and the police arrest Guddu.

Then Paltan recovers Guddu keeps him in his custody while the lady uses Guriya to sing songs. Platan makes him unconscious and takes him to Bilji Mausi, who is the head of child traffickers. Abira and Ankush are a couple who are going to be married because Abira loses her child. Guddu and Guriya are in the same place with different intentions without seeing each other. Unknowingly Guriya saves him and shares their happiness. They also share the happenings, which are evil and illegal. They came out, and Abhira’s car crashes on him, and he falls unconscious. When Abira enquires about his identity, he reveals everything from the beginning, including Guriya. People admit an unconscious Guriya to the same hospital, and Abira meets her. She experiences motherhood feel from her and takes them home with her. Then Abira marries Ankush while Guddu tries to call Hirimba. Abira came to know that Guriya is her missed child, and they become happy. The story goes as Guriya in Abhira’s family and Guddu in Kushal’s love and care. Then a fifteen years lap is shown they grow, and Guriya goes for college when Guddu roams workless in the name of Rocky.

They search each other, but the circumstances turn opposite to them. Guriya came to know that Ankush dislikes her and stays against her happiness when Guddu tries to meet her. He then stays with Bilji Mausi when meets Guriya meets him. Both miss recognizing each other, and Guddu sees him as Rocky. Family members force Guddu and Guriya to marry others separately. Due to her denial of marriage, Ankush brings Laltu as Guddu. But she suspects him, tests him, and finalize the truth. Bilgi demand Guddu to move to Guriya’s house. Guriys is shocked to see him here and questions him thinking Rocky. When he reveals all the truth, she denies believing him and sends him out. He cleverly plans and fools Ankush, which leads Guddu to become her chauffeur to visit Abhira. Apart from her anxiety about Abhira, Ankush plans Guriya’s pre-wedding ritual. Will her marriage stop? Will things change, and she can able to realize Guddu? Does Wil Ankush change his behavior toward her? Will she recover Abhira’s health? Will Guriya and Guddu live a happy life is the end of the story. Anupam Hari Rajat Paul directed this series with MahendraSoni and Srikant Mohta’s production under SVF. This heart tickling romantic drama protrudes for four hundred thirteen episodes ending on 14th March 2020. This series stars Pratyusha Paul Pratyusha Paul is a Bengali actress who turned pop >> Read More... , Arya Dasgupta Arya Dasgupta is a Bengali actor who played “Guddu >> Read More... , Jojo Mukherjee Jojo Mukherjee is a singer cum actress who hails f >> Read More... , Bhaswar Chatterjee Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Veronica Mono Datta, and MousumiSaha are the lead cast of the serial.


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Jisshu Sengupta
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