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Bengali Tv Actor Santu Mukherjee
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Santu Mukherjee was an eminent Bengali actor. He was born in Kolkata on January 17th, 1951. He pursued his education in Kolkata but dropped out due to a strong desire to act and dance. His strong passion for being a performer was recognized by notable masters in the craft. They mentored him and molded him into a professional in the entertainment industry. His debut film was "Raja," directed by Tapan Sinha   Tapan Sinha, one of the foremost Indian directo >> Read More... in 1975. His last performance was as Chandu's father in the 2019 film "Sanjhbati." His notable films are "Sansar Simante," "Parichoy," "Ganadevata," "Kalankini Kankabati," and "Kaalbela," among others. He was also a part of the theatre while he was in the film industry. His daughter, Swastika Mukherjee, and his younger brother, Sumanta Mukherjee are in the Bengali Entertainment industry.

Santu Mukherjee has also showcased his talent for singing. He recorded several songs, including a collaboration with the co-artist Arundhati Hom Choudhury in the film "Parabot Priya" and a duet with his daughter Swastika in the album "Ei akashe amar Mukti aloy aloy." Santu Mukherjee got notoriety for his performances in numerous television serials. He appeared in shows such as "Keya Patar Nouko," "Ishti Kutum," "Jol Nupur," "Kojagori," "Ichche Nodee," "Kusum Dola," "Andarmahal," "Phagun Bou," and "Nokshi Kantha," among others. Santu Mukherjee died on 11th March 2020 of a cardiac arrest at his home in South Kolkata. He'd been battling cancer for quite some time.

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