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Chuni Panna Bengali TV SERIALS on Star Jalsha
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Chuni Panna is horror-comedy Bengali television series that airs on GEC Star Jalsha. It also streams in the digital platform Hotstar. Diptodeep Sengupta directs the series with Mahendra Soni Bio coming soon... >> Read More... and Durgasha Maitra under SVF entertainments. Anwesha Hazra and Dibyojyoti Dutt and Moyna Mukherjee, Debdyut Ghosh, Sumantra Mukherjee, Shantilal Mukherjee Shantilal Mukherjee was born in Sarsuna, Kolkata. >> Read More... , and BD Mukherjee are the cast of the series. The series was launched on November 11, 2019, protruding for two hundred and forty-two episodes. But suddenly, due to low TRP on October 11, 2020. The story revolves around Chuni, who aspires to be a ghost hunter. She wishes to meet a ghost in her lifetime. She also hates marriage because she is scared of in-laws. Coincidentally, she marries Nirbhik, who lives in a haunted house, "Abhay Bhavan," which later turns out to be "Bhoy Bhavan" with a ghost called Panna. After the marriage, Panna, the vengeful spirit of the former owner of the house, makes her life sad. Even Chuni and Nirbhik meet for the first time in fight circumstances bring their marriage later. Ashu, Chuni’s father, is the reason for it and convinces Nirbhik for it. When Chunni tricks and scares him many times, Panna becomes happy. Nirbhik’s plans spoil when he attempts to escape from the marriage.

Ashu advises Chuni, and she eagerly impresses Nirbhik and his family. Beyond all his tries, Chuni marries Nirbhik with the help of Panna unknowingly. Panna is happy to see Chuni here and disturbs her with her supernatural powers and tricks. The whole family suspects Chuni while he searches for the ghost. At night times, Panna meets her and gives her tasks. She also reveals the truth behind her mystery. Realized Chuni agrees to help her, which leads the in-laws to misunderstand her. Panna enjoys Chunni helping her and disturbing her. The women of the house stand opposite her when she attempts silly things and exposes naughtiness. Except for her, Panna tortures everyone in the family. At the same time, Lalita interferes in Chuni’s life, aiming for Nirbhik. When Panna helps Chuni in matters related to Nirbhik and becomes emotional if he feels Chuni doubts about her, it is the work of the family women to make Lalita impressing Nirbhik. But Panna identifies and helps Chuni in throwing out Lalita. She arranges Rahul and Raji’s wedding beyond Lalita’s confronts.

Panna comes with a brutal plan to separate Chuni and Nirbhik. This results in Nirbhik fired from the job. But Chuni convinces everything. Soon Panna understood everything and realizes her mistake. All the happenings go, and Panna only stands on the side of Chuni. What is Panna’s story? How is she related to the bungalow? Will Chuni able to solve Panna’s problem? Will Panna lead Nirbhik and Chuni to live happily? Will Nirbhik loves Chuni? What happens to Chuni when Panna is exposed is the rest of the story. Here is a fantasy story in which they create a laugh through a ghost. It is not a hilarious but tremendous concept that exposes an innocent girl with a demon. It is not thrilling but someway unusual to see the actions of the devil. All the ghost-related stories follow the same concept that the spirit helps someone in the family. Eventually, this is a cluster of fun, haunts, and family drama that gives the viewers a new experience.


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