Mallika Majumdar

Other names of Mallika Majumdar: Mallika Mazumder, Mallika Mazumdar
Mallika Majumdar Bengali Actress

Mallika Mazumdar is a very well-known Bengali television and film actress. Her birth date is 3 May 1980. She is from Durgapur, known as the steel city. Mallika is an actress by occupation, though she achieved more fame by anchoring in tv shows. She is very confident and bold by nature which helped her in anchoring. Mallika played various roles in serials like Bokul Kotha BokulKotha is an Indian Bengali television series >> Read More... Bokul Kotha (2017-2020), Milon Tithi Story Soon >> Read More... Milon Tithi (2015-2017), (2018-2019), Rimli, Phirki, Tomay Amay Mile Story Soon >> Read More... Tomay Amay Mile , Pratham Pratishruti, and Prothom Prothishruti. She also appeared in the movie Four Chapters in 2008.