Tamil Tv Serial Chellakili

Other names of : Chellakilli
Chellakili Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Chellakili” is a successful teleserial telecast in the Tamil channel Sun TV. It covered the life of a young girl, who faces struggles very early in life. She is looking for support from people around her, but they are having their own problems and some even go ahead and create problems for the heroine. She has to face them or suffer. She slowly learns life is not fair and starts working with those who show kindness to her. Thanks to their support, she is able to successfully lead a nice life and become a person liked by everyone. This story is shown with suspense, twists and turns which made it a popular serial.

This serial’s main star cast included ' Srividya Srividya is a famous television serial and film ac >> Read More... ', ' Nalini Nalini or Rani in real life is a South Indian ac >> Read More... ', ' Saakshi Siva Saakshi Siva is one of the most leading actors in >> Read More... ', ' Kathadi Ramamurthy In 1980’s Kathadi Ramamurthy used to be a househol >> Read More... ' and 'Thilaga'. It was written by Manohar, directed by V. M. Senthilkumar. Their team produced the best performance from all the actors involved and the serial also looked beautiful on screen. This gave them many awards and accolades for its cast and crew.

“Chellakili” means a parrot which is seen as a darling to the person who keeps it as the pet. Similarly, the heroine in this story is liked by many, but others try to hurt her as hawks. Young artist Srividya played this character perfectly, by showing the right emotions, perfect dialogue delivery and working with other artists in the right manner. She was already popular before this serial, but “Chellakkili” made her a household name by taking her acting talents to everyone. This character coupled with her hard work and the technical brilliance by other crew members made this serial a large success.