Tamil Tv Serial Anni

Anni Tamil Tv serials on Jaya tv

Malavika Avinash, who was a TV hostess, shot to fame with this serial which was telecasted on the Jaya TV channel. Malavika became a popular name in every household after this serial. She made huge waves in the television world along with her mentor K Balachander, who was the director of this serial. Like all of Balachander’s movies, this serial too had family-orinented content that did go very well with family audiences. Malavika played the role of a sensible and good sister-in-law in the serial which was initially supposed to be enacted by the film actresses of caliber like Bhanupriya or Jayasudha.

The role that she handled in the serial stole millions of hearts. Her character in this serial was bearing the name of ‘Anni’ for which Malavika became famous. The Actor Adithya too played a pivotal role for which he got a recognition in his acting skills. M. Bhanumathi another film actress also played a significant role in the serial. The Veteran actor S. Raghavan played the role of Grandpa in the serial. Thanna was associated with the script -writing and dialogues for this venture. This script-writer has worked for many of K Balachander’s micro-serials earlier. Along with many other actors who became famous with this serial, another actor named Prem also achieved fame in the series.