Tamil Awards Vikatan Awards 2013

Vikatan Awards 2012 Tamil TV SHOWS on VIKATAN TV

Vikatan Channel, Tamil is a very famous Television channel known for its singular approach towards infotainment. “Vikatan Awards” is an event which takes the privilege of presenting the film stars of Kollywood with awards in different categories. It gained admiration among the viewers owing to honest judgement. Undoubtedly, the year 2013 had witnessed some decent work by Kollywood. The efforts put in by the stars, directors, and other technicians had served them with the fruits of success. The first category is “Best Picture.” Among many hit films nominated, the best picture of the year award was bagged by the film, “Vagabond.”

The film rightly deserved the award. The excellent plot of the movie revolves around a group of villagers,forced to work on tea plantations, owned by British officials. Next came the category which celebrates the captains of the ships, so-called “Directors.” The best director award was given to to Bala for the best film, “Vagabond.”No doubt saying, he deserves it! For the same film, “Vagabond,” Atarva won the Best Actor Award. The best actress award was bagged by Pooja, for her work in the film, Vitiyummun. The best supporting actor award was won by Kishore for his phenomenal work in the film called Haridas.

The plot of the film is a father trying to fix his relationship with his son. Dhansika also shared her space in the winners list for her character of “Paradesi.” She won the Best Supporting Actress female. She is the most happening star and blessed with the talent which takes her to greater heights. Comic touch is very important to every story to make it more appealing to the viewers. Our comedians should be given the credit and in this category of Best Comedian, Cenrayan won the Best Comedian Male Award. The best comedian female was won by Madhumita. Need not to say, Madhumitha has already added to one among the most successful comedians of the industry.

The efforts put in by the comedians to lead the film to success is celebrated. Anil Murali won the Best Villain award. He is a very popular actor in the Malayalam film industry. He started gaining the admiration from Tamil industry as well through his work. The next categories were aimed at rewarding newbies. In this regard the best new director award was bagged by to Benefit Kumaracami for the film Gambling Kavvum. Nivin Pauly cannot be an exclusion from the winners list and he rightly was awarded the present he deserved. He had won the Best Newcomer Actor. NazriyaNazim won the best newcomer actress.