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Manjunath Tamil Actor


Manjunath is a Tamil film producer who has produced movies like “Tharakappu,” “Lifeu Ishtene,” “Ee Sanje,” and “Lodde”. He was born on 28 March in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Manjunath, since his childhood, was a big fan of watching movies and always dreamt about producing a movie. The first ever movie he produced was “Lifeu Ishtene”. The movie is about Comedy and Drama Genre. The movie is based on the Boy who has no aim in his life. The boy’s name is Vishal and he falls in love with a beautiful girl named Nandini. Due to irresponsible and carefree nature of the guy, Nandini is forced to marry someone else. When Manjunath read the script, he quickly decided to produce the film. Manjunath provided his full support to Pawan Kumar, who is writer and director of the film. Pawan Kumar in an interview said, “He motivated me to work hard on the film and also said that the script is very good and the movie will be a super hit. He is a very good person and no matter what, always supported the entire team”. The film was appreciated by the critics and later was nominated for, “Best Film” and “Best Director” award at Filmfare Award-Kannada Film Industry. While he was working with Pawan Kumar, Manjunath also started working with Shree, who was directing a romance genre film, “Ee Sanje”. The movie was not appreciated by the critics, but the audience loved the romantic duo of Aarya and Sanjjanaa Archana Galrani. The film was released on 28 January, 2011. In the movie, Sanjanna played a dual role, where half part is from rural land and other half had the city life backdrop alongside Aarya who made his debut in Kannada film Industry. Manjunath said, “I was very moved after reading the script and this was a good story”. The third movie that Manjunath produced was “Lodde”. This movie was all about two freaking Grandfathers Dharamaraj and Rudrappa, who were close friends in childhood and after an incident, they both parted away. That’s when Lodde a.k.a. Narasimha (Komal Kumar), the grandson of Dharamaraj, falls in love with the granddaughter of Rudrappa. Their love for each other brings the two friends together. The friendship was short lived as Narasimha cancels the engagement before the interval and how he tries to bring two families together. Manjunath in an interview said, “The movie is a complete package of fun, action, family drama and is a complete family movie”. Manjunath, also produced a Tamil action thriller, “Tharakappu.” This film features Shakthi Vasudevan and Samuthikarani. The movie is directed by R.P. Ravi. The movie was released on 1 January, 2016. Manjunath is seen in many promotion events of the movie. Manjunath always supports his team. He is praised by everyone he works with.


Ajmal Hassan

Ajmal Hassan is an Indian Film Producer. He is renowned in the Malayalam film Industry for producing outstanding films. His work base is in Kochi. He has produced two blockbuster movies; the first one is ‘Samrajyam 2: Son of Alexander’ in the year 2015. The movie was based on the life-story of a Malayalam gangster. It was directed by the famous director Perarasu. This movie also gained attention due to its big star cast. The main lead roles were played by Unni Mukundam, Akanksha Puri, Vijayaraghram, Devan, Riyaz Khan, Rahul Menon, Kalashala Babu, and Manoj K Jayan. The production house was Gayathri Film International and Central Pictures was the distribution channel. This movie was critically acclaimed in the industry and depicted the diversions and dileamas of real life. ‘Tihar’ was the title of the film. As the name suggested, it was a story woven around the Tihar jail with its thread tying the lies of the protagonists. It was about a man whose father was in the jail and he being outside had to pay for all the sins his father has committed before. Action and thrill were two pillars of the movie. The speciality of the director Perarasu lied in those two things which got appreciated by the producer. The star cast of Parthiban, Mukundhan, and Akanksha Puri also performed brilliantly in the movie and got appraised by the audience. He had associations with Bhaarathirajs’s film ‘Finalcut of the director’ with Nana Patekar in the lead cast. It got produced by Paul Pandian and DR. Rajan with Sabu Cyril as the production designer. The variety of movies Ajmal take is very different. His choices had a base of concept, ideation, and execution of the script rather than the commercial film values. His mind works to deliver the best content to the audience and generate profitable business out of it. He worked with different production houses in his film career and got a hold on the type of movies; he wants to produce. Only a good script is not enough for him, a brilliant star cast, an empathizing story, skilful execution, and proper direction is the key to success for him. The selection of the director had the same process of refinery. After all film is a dish with all the ingredients in proper quantity, otherwise the taste will get ruined. With all this in mind, Ajmal focuses on the production of valuable content.

Ajmal Hassan Tamil Actor