Malayalam Tv Show Super Star 2

Super Star 2 Malayalam tv-shows on Amrita TV

The most awaited reality show is back with a bang. It is the second instalment of the hit reality singing talent hunt show superstar which aired in 2007. The second season of the serial was back with a more intense look. It comes up with a new look and style to the audience. The show wanted to bring back that musical talent in people and want to show that by singing one can reach to great heights in life. Thus the show used to air on Amrita TV. It got a very good time slot to air its episodes. Thus the time slot also helped in gaining a lot of TRPs.

The auditions for the season were done in four centres all across Kerala. The election committee had to choose 20 contestants whose singing is great and could be the next big thing in the industry among the hundreds of applications which they got. Thus it can be termed as the event of talents. The judges of the show include the famous music director Sharreth, Guitarist Alphon Joseph and the famous playback singer Mahathi. The show aims in finding that precious star whose voice would make him a big star in the singing industry.

The format of the show includes that in each episode one of the contestants would be eliminated and thus in the later episodes of the show the judges would decide for a wild card entry in the competition. Thus their judgement was much appreciated and helpful to the contestants. The show aired from 4 August. The serial premiered every week at 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM every Monday to Thursday. Thus the contestants have to follow the rules of the show and have to survive and be liked by the people so that they could get the maximum number of votes. Thus each time there was an improvement in the performances done by the participants which made them love by the viewers. Thus, in short, it can be said as a musical extravaganza in the music industry. 

The aim was to find the most talented and upcoming singer in the industry. It was done so that the singer could make a name for himself and herself in the music industry. Thus it was liked a lot by the audience and was much appreciated. Thus this is how it became a hit television show.