Malayalam Tv Serial Marimayam

Marimaayam Malayalam Tv serials on Mazhavil manorama tv

Mazhavil Manorama's comedy serial ‘Marimayam’, which handles a variety of issues of society in its episodes, signifies very often the theme of government incompetence and involvement of bureaucracy in corruption. It is a comedy sitcom that was telecast on every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm in the night. It has been in the air for three years now. A lot of factors have gone to its success.

The serial maker had chosen only relevant topics of inefficiency witnessed in government offices and had shown the audiences how bureaucrats play its corruption practices in the field. Every scenes and dialogue are presented in such a way that one can feel easy that humor is not forced upon the characters at all but only the situations are kept very closer to our lives. It is a satire sitcom that highlights sleaze, incompetence and delay often witnessed not only in government offices but also other public and private institutions too.

The show only highlights how red tape often strangles the common man in society. The producer of the show R. Unnikrishnan had always had an inclination to bring out a different theme which is totally different from the melodramatic saas-bahu sagas or domestic bickering. It is true that corruption is rampant in our society, and one cannot overcome it easily. Hence, the producer of the show thought to bring in some sleazy dialogues and topical jokes that have made every episode simple in nature.

The maker of the serial opines very frankly that the scripts for this show are often sent to the channel in advance, and some prominent script writers contribution were included such as P. Sajeesh, Shihab, and Vaddakumthala Sreekumar, etc. Many scriptwriters of this show had even narrated particular incidents that they have heard or seen in the society. Such events have been converted into scripts. It is almost like an ordinary man show and had maintained its focus on topics like confusion on Aadhar card, blood bank problems, etc. which were liked by people very much.