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Parinayam Malayalam Tv serials on Mazhavil manorama tv
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Parinayam is a Malayalam television series. The plot in this soap revolves around a girl named Unnimaya. She is a young girl who is soon to be married to Palakunnath Namboothiri. He is a man in his sixties. He already has three wives, and Unnimaya would be his fourth. This is happening even though she is from a very educated and progressive family in located Kerala. The situation has arisen due to certain social and economic factors in the family due to which she is now compelled to marry this man.

At her new home, she finds it very difficult to fit in because of the backwards and orthodox atmosphere in this house. Eventually one day her husband dies suddenly leaving her to this dead end life. This life she begins to live is the customary life of a widow in the Namboothiri community full of traditionally tabooed rituals. She soon realises that this new life of hers forces her to be shunned into a dark corner of the society. This is where she cannot be a part of any societal celebrations.

She is prohibited from attending any social and communal events like music or dance functions or performances. The elder son of the Unnimaya’s deceased husband is the only person who is a bit compassionate towards her tries supports her. His name is Kunjunni, and he is also an activist who attempts to uplift the Namboothiri communities poor living conditions and atrocious rituals and traditions. Meanwhile, Unnimaya meets a Kathakali artist by the name of Madhavan and falls in immense love with him. All this while, in the process, they get intimate each other which leads Unnimaya to become pregnant.

The society and her community are an utter shock when they learn about this pregnancy. Eventually, they all decide to excommunicate her. This happens in the leadership of Moothedath Bhattathiri, who conducts the rituals. The first step of this ritual was to extract the name of the man who had impregnated Unnimaya. This was followed by throwing her out of the community. Unnimaya expects she will be rescued by Madhavan, but he doesn’t get the courage to save her.

Ultimately at the final moment realising that she have to stand up to her own rescue, takes a stand against the Namboothiri community and it's heinous, backwards, and disgusting mentality. At the end, after a lot of hustle and bustle, the story ends on a happy note where the community understands that their process and perceptions are very outdated.


Amrita Malayalam TV-Actress
Kalaranjini Malayalam Movie Actress
DOB: 24 May 1962
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DOB: 24 August 1960
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DOB: 18 May 1970
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