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As the name suggests, Kerala state film awards are given to motion pictures made in Kerala for their excellent cinematic achievements. From 1998 Kerala State Chalachitra Academy presents the awards to the winners. Until 1997, the awards were bestowed by Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of Kerala. An independent jury team from the film field created by the Chalachitra Academy and the Department of Cultural Affairs identifies the winners. A separate jury is formed for literature on cinema. The Academy invites films annually and analyses it before declaring the winners.

The awards are given to encourage and motivate the artists, producers, directors and all the hands behind the screen for their hard work. The awards are handed by the Chief Minister of Kerala. The program had numerous performances by various actors and actresses. In the year 1969 there were only 15 awards, but in 1998 it reached around 30. J.C. Daniel award was given to V. Dakshinamoorthy. The first, best film, producer, director, the award was bagged by Agnisakshi, V. V. Babu (Srishti Films) and Shyama Prasad respectively.

The second best film, producer, director, the award was given to Garshom, P.Jayapalamenon, and P. T. Kunhimohammed respectively. The overall best director was Shyama Prasad. Murali for Thalolam, Sangeetha for Chinthavishtayaya Syamala, Thilakan for Kaattathoru Pen Poovu and Praveena for Agnisakshi won the best actor, best actress, second best actor, second best actress awards respectively. Master Mohan Philip (Kochu Kochu Mohangal) and Baby Hency (Garshom) won the best child artist award.

The best story writer, the award was given to P.T.Kunhu Mohammed (Garshom). Azhakappan (Agnisaakshi) won the best photography award. Best Screen Play Writer award went to M. T. Vasudevan Nair (Daya). Best Lyricist, Best Music Director (Song), Best Background Music Director, Best Male Singer, Best Female Singer awards were given to Yoosafali K. Cheri, Vidhya Sagar (Pranaya Varnnangal), Ilayaraja (Kallukondoru Pennu), K.J.Yesudas (Ayyal Kathayezhuthukayanu) and Sujatha (Pranayavarnnangal). Beena Paul (Daya), Sameer Chanda (Daya), Krishnanunni, Irshad Hussain (Agni Sakshi), Gemini Lab (Agni Sakshi, (Kannezhuthi Pottum Thottu), Vikram Gaikwad, P.Mani (Agni Sakshi) and S.B.Satheesan won Best Editor, Best Art Director, Best Sound Recordist, Best Processing, Best Make-up and Best Costumer titles for the year 1998 respectively.

Best Dubbing Artist (Male voice) and Best Dubbing Artist (Female voice) award were given to Murali Menon & Venmani Vishnu (Agnisaakshi) and Sreeja. Premji- Ithihasathinte Sparsam won the best Documentary Film. The best film with aesthetic value and popular appeal award was bagged by Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala. Cinemayum Malayaliyude Jeevithavum won the Best Book on Cinema award.

Another Version Of This Story:

The Kerala State Film Awards started in the year 1969. As the name states, it’s the film award made in Kerala, in regards to motion pictures. Since 1988 this award has been honoured by one of the Kerala Academy named as Kerala State Chalachitra Academy. The award is been conducted by the Academy in place of the Department of Cultural Affairs, Govt. of India. For the whole one year starting from 1969 to 1970, the awards and the entire function was arranged by the Department stated for cultural affairs. The Academy managed the jury members who were formed to decide the awardees were independent.

The related members considerably consist of those artists who belong to the same field to judge the various actor, actress, film, musicians and others efficiently. The list of awards generally vary from time to time as in the year 1969 there were total 15 number of awards, as year per year the number of awards had changed, and now it consists of 30 number of awards. The awardees were also provided with a cash award and certificates depend on upon their achievement in the various field.

In the year 1998, the status of awards which given were as follows, the Lifetime Achievement Awards given to the artist for their outstanding and precious contribution towards this field, the award was named as J.C Daniel Award. For the other awards, the awardees were provided by the cash award, a certificate and replication. Enlightening the 1998 awards, the awardees that were able to achieve the awards includes Mr V Dakshinamoorthy for the J.C. Daniel Award. The best film award goes to Agnisakshi and for the best producer and director was won by V.V Babu and Shayma Prasad.

The first runner up for the best film was Garshom, producer and director award were given to P.Jayapalamenon and P. T. Kunhimohammed. Shyam Prasad was awarded the best director award. Whereas Murali was awarded as best actor for his role in Thalolam, best actress award was given to Sangeetha for her lead role in Chinthavishtayaya Syamala. Apart from that P. T Kunhu Mohammed was awarded the best story writer award and the best photography award was presented to Azhakappan for his hard work.

Rest of the awards for Best Lyrics, Best Music Director, Best Male Singers, Best Female singers were given to Yusufali Kechery, Vidhya Sagar, Ilayaraja for Kallkondoru Pennu and K. J. Yesudas. Cinemayum Malayaliyude Jeevithavum won some of the out of the box awards like for the Best Book on Cinema Award.