Kannada Tv Serial Priyadarshini

Priya darshini Kannada Tv serials on Suvarna tv

Priyadarshini is a story about two families, that have been separated for years. It is soap drama which focuses on the importance of family and getting over fights to preserve relationships. The storyline follows four characters. The two sisters Kavya and Anjali belong to the same family. The two brothers Gautham and Gaurav belong to the other family. Anjali has been portrayed as a very soft spoken and gentle natured girl, who is very traditional and has very good family values.

Anjali is the exact opposite of Kavya who has a very fun personality and can seem boisterous at times. Both sisters are very good natured but, extremely different with respect to their personalities. The same case is also observed when it comes to Gautham and Gaurav as well. Gaurav is the fun loving and playful boy who is very naughty and takes life very lightly, while Gautham is the very courteous and sober one who is responsible and calm natured.

Kavya, the girl with a zest for life and a playful attitude falls for Gautham , the mild natured brother. Anjali is very sweet and kind but falls in love with Gaurav the naughty and playful brother. The classic story of opposites attract is the theme of the serial and how these four characters come together in a twist of fate to bring two long separated joint families together.

The highlight of the show is the way the story has been portrayed. The narration of the serial is very lively and crisp, it is a breath of fresh air for the audiences. The story as such is very emotional but, the serial has added bits of humor to appeal to all age groups. The storyline has a new concept and the actors give very convincing performances, making it a very good watch for families and youngsters alike.

Another version of the serial...

Priyadarshini is a drama series which got aired on the Suvarna TV channel. It is a Kannada language show which got broadcasted every day barring Sundays i.e. from Monday to Saturday in the 8:00 to 8:30 PM time slot. It is a story which revolves around the members of two families. They both have a long and intertwined history with one another along with old animosity. The series consists of four main protagonists, two from each of the families. Kavya and Anjali are both sisters who get along very well. They have their fair share of fights as well. However, at the end of the day, they both are there for each other.

Gautham and Gaurav are brothers who know they have each other’s back. They are one another’s best friend and companion. In spite of their personalities differing, they get along really well. Gautham by nature is a calm as well as cool headed guy. His brother Gaurav, on the other hand, is routinely up to some kind of mischief and keeps getting into trouble as well. Through a certain turn of events, both the sisters fall in love with the pair of brothers at the very same time. As the story unfolds, we see their relationships develop and blossom. However, they face resistance from both their families as well. But, all four of them bring together their disjointed families and make sure that peace prevails once again.

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