Kannada Tv Serial Meera Madhava

Meera Madhava Kannada Tv serials on Suvarna tv

Meera Madhava is being telecast on Asianet Suvarna TV at 11:30 am and 6 pm from Monday to Saturday.

This story is about very traditional and down to earth girl, Meera. She lives with her father and uncle. Her father loves her a lot and has given her the love and care of both mother and father. He has instilled all good values in her. Meera falls in love with Madhava, a very good boy and belonging to a traditional family. He lives with his parents, his elder brother and sister in law and his younger sister. Even though Madhava is a very good human being, he is not good at any work. He has not developed himself into any professional expertize.

Inspite of his short-givings Meera loves Madhava and expresses her wish to marry him with her father. Her father agrees to keep his daughter’s wish. But Madhava’s parents were reluctant at first. Later they agreed and Meera and Madhava were happily married. This story would have continued to be happy if Madhava was a professional. Instead Madhava was not able to take care of his family and both Meera and Madhava had to face problems and had to hear bad things being talked about them from the remaining members of the family. Madhava sister in law left no chance to insult the couple. Meera’s father in law Pranesh Acharya, was a very strict person. After seeing that Madhava was not being responsible enough he ordered Meera and Madhava to take the responsibility of running the expenses of the whole family. This was a big challenge for Meera and she accepted it. But for Madhava it was a bitter fruit as he was very inconsistent. He could do any work properly.

When things were going on, Madhava’s mother falls ill. Her illness proves to become a very big responsibility for this couple. According to the regular customs of their family, they consult an astrologer. The astrologer advices them that if they want their problems to be solved then they should give a silver cow idol in charity to an elderly person. Meera gets worried about how to solve this problem. She goes to another astrologer in a temple to consult him for second opinion. This astrologer gives a much bigger solution. He tells that they may have to spend around 15 lakhs. Hearing this Meera decides to follow the first astrologer’s solution and so she gives her gold chain to Madhava for buying the silver idol. After performing the pooja, when Meera asks the astrologer whom to give the idol to, he answers that it is for himself. Meera is surprised and feels bad for believing the astrologer. The story continues to show the problems faced by Meera and Madhava and how she tries to solve them and also her effort to turn Madhava into a better person.