Hindi Tv Show Crime Patrol Season 1

Crime patrol Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Crime Patrol is a reality-based serial that is being telecast on Sony Entertainment Television, India and Sony Entertainment Television, Asia. This series deals with the various crimes that take place in India.Tthe main concept of this serial is to make the people of India aware of the crimes that are happening in India nowadays so that they can be aware and protect themselves from the crime. 'Anup Soni' hosted crime Patrol Season 4. Season 4 has become more popular than the other seasons.

The season 1 of Crime Patrol premiered on May 9, 2003, and is still running. Crime Patrol Season 4 had most famous cases like murder case and rape. The slogan of this season is “Crime never pays”. This show has been dubbed in other Indian languages as well. It is also being broadcasted in Geo Tez and Geo Kahani in Pakistan. It covers all the real life stories behind every case. Every crime, we hear, either warns us or scares us.Tthe show crimes tells us which crime and how they take place and how can they be stopped. It shows how the crime is committed and how to protect ourselves against. These are the stories of a crime where most of the cases are tackled by police where all ordinary people fight against crime.