Hindi Tv Serial Sinhasan Battisi

Sinhasan Battisi Hindi TV SERIALS on SONY Pal

Sinhasan Battisi is a Hindi fantasy, adventure show which is aired on Sony Pal. The show has roots from the folktales about Sinhasan Battishi. The leads of the show are Cheshta Mehta, Navina Bole, Aditi Sajwan, Sayantani Gosh, Siddarth Arora and Karan Suchak. The show is about folk tales and battisi means thirty-two.

The main king of the story is King Vikramaditya and his throne of thirty-two statues. These statues represented the apsaras which were turned into stone because of a curse. King Bhoja finds the throne and each apsara tells the story about Vikramaditya’s life. King Bhoja then realizes that he was incapable of sitting on that throne.