Dheeraj Kumar belongs to the era when television was just about widening its appeal to the motley TV audience of those days, fed on the governmental dose of “” and the like. With winds of change slowly gathering momentum within Mandi House, came typical soaps catering to the then prevailing genres like mythological anecdotes and stories of yester year heroes. It was in this latter slot in 1984 that Dheeraj Kumar with his own production house Creative Eye, launched his serial “”. This narrated lesser known facets of our freedom fighters, syncing very well with what mandarins at DD felt was good fare to be beamed to TV homes.

Not surprisingly Dheeraj Kumar bagged the award for the Best Serial of the Year (1984), a government sponsored award personally handed over by the then President of India. Although this established Dheeraj Kumar as a television personality to be reckoned with, this was preceded by a reasonably successful stint in the Punjabi film industry, having acted in 21 films between 1970 and 1984. He had a reasonably successful run in Hindi movies as well, with quite a few well known films against his name, in some of which he even did the leading role. 

He would be remembered as the actor who rendered the well known semi classical song Ka Karoon Sajni sung in the melodious voice of Yesudas for the film “ Swami Click to look into! >> Read More... Swami ”. He also enacted the title role in the film “Shirdi Ke Sai Baba”, perhaps betraying his penchant for mythological and historical themes, as his later productions for television would testify.

But it was Television that was his first focus, and he had soon acquired the name of ‘Mythology King’ with the string of mythological serials that he had produced for Doordarshan and later on for satellite channels as well. The well remembered amongst these were “ Om Namah Shivaya Om Namah Shivaya is a popular, hit and successful >> Read More... Om Namah Shivaya ” (for DD) and “Shri Ganesh” (for Sony). At one time all channels were literally flooded with mythological serials from Dheeraj Kumar’s production house Creative Eye. While he briefly diversified into crime based serials like “Adalat” (1985) and “Apradh” (2000), he could not resist the temptation of falling back on the magical formula of mythology, bringing back the lore of king Vikram on TV screens with his 2014 serial “Singhasan Battissee” on Sony Pal. With all the success that Dheeraj Kumar has achieved with his Creative Eye production house Dheeraj Kumar would surely like to be remembered more as an all round TV personality rather than just a mere actor in films and serials.