Navina Bole Hindi Actress
Navina Bole is a television actress and has done a couple of roles in different serials, of which the most popular one is Miley Jab Hum Tum, in which she plays the role of Diya Bhushan. This show was a youth program that had a large number of youngsters as the audience. The show started in September, 2008 and continued till November, 2010, with the completion of some five hundred and twenty seven episodes. It was aired on Star One Channel. The show was about college students and the mischiefs that they are upto; it can be rated as both comedy as well as a romantic drama. Navina plays the role of a rich spoilt brat here, having a condescending attitude for people who come from small towns. She also manages to put the protagonist of the show, Gunjan, in trouble a couple of times because she had the same love interest as hers.

She has done a couple of other shows like Surya, The Super Cop which was about three different investigation units that fought every possibility of crime. She has also been seen in short roles in Sssshhh Koi Hai that is a story of supernatural things taking place around. She has been seen in several roles in C.I.D, where she has done small cameos for different episodes. C.I.D. is the story of a detective agency that studies different crime scenes and gets down to the matter with the help of the forensic department. Also seen in Bidaai, that is a tale of two sisters. She has also been seen various roles in the serial Adaalat that is the story of a lawyer fighting cases for the right.

She has been active in the television industry from 2008, up to the current date. She is born and brought up in Mumbai. She has also won the Miss Elegant pageant in the year 2006. Initially she started her career in the modeling industry and has done a couple of modeling assignments like that of Fair & Lovely, Nokia, Chevrolet.