Hindi Tv Serial Shastri Sisters

Shastri Sisters Hindi Tv serials on Colors tv

Shastri Sisters are a family drama of Indian Television broadcast on Colors Tv in July 2014. Shastri sister is a story of four sisters Alka, Anushka, Devyani and Peeya lives in Kanpur with their father Narayan Shastri but their trouble starts when he is transferred to Delhi and the girls have to leave their home. As lots of memories are connected with their old house.

All the four sisters get ready to move to Delhi with a very sad and heavy heart and finally reached in Delhi, where Auto and Taxi drivers welcome them and fight over getting hired but then Sarin (Narayan’s Friend) comes and take them at home, where Sarin inform about them and tell her that Shastri family will live here only, his wife concerns as they don’t have a mother but Sarin assure her that they are having good values. Shastri sisters inspect house, but found it so messy and dirty, when Peeya sits on the bed she realised that she sat on someone and that was Neil Sarin’s son.

He is very rude and unvalued person he hates his father. When Neil comes to know that his father gives his portion to Shastri family, he got angry and insult them. Shastri family is shocked by Neil’s behavior. Sarin tells Narayan that he is very lucky that his daughter brought up in small town. The trailers of the serial were interesting, but the TRP Rate of the show was low in the first week of the telecasting.