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Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka was a soap that aired on Colors TV. It premiered on 9th August 2011 and concluded on 15th March 2013. The show was produced by Ekta Kapoor Ekta Kapoor; a legendry producer in Indian TV and >> Read More... of the Indian television company, Balaji Telefilms.

The serial revolves around Kunal Chopra Kunal Chopra is a prominent Bollywood actor who ha >> Read More... , a once powerful lawyer who loses his job after he gets into a disagreement with his employer, D.K Thakral, who is a very powerful and corrupt lawyer. Kunal is also alienated from his girlfriend, Richa, who is Thakral’s daughter. He tries to make money in other ways, but he is unable to succeed in any of them. Finally, he starts thinking about himself as a useless waste of space.

Kunal lives in a small apartment with eight other family members, out of which only one person earns. The family lives peacefully and happily but constantly faces money problems. Kunal’s younger brother, Anand, gets into a romantic relationship with a girl called Siddhi. Siddhi and Anand’s wedding is decided, but on their wedding day, Richa leaves a voicemail on Kunal’s phone saying she will commit suicide if he does not come and get her. Anand hears the message instead of Kunal and leaves a little time before his wedding to convince Richa to live Kunal alone. Anand dies in an accident and this brings a lot of grief to the Chopra family and Siddhi. Later, Kunal and Siddhi marry each other. Soon, Kunal starts to work again, and he also starts earning. Kunal and Siddhi end up divorcing, partly due to the schemes of Richa, and because they are unable to communicate their love for each other. Kunal thinks that Siddhi does not love him, and Siddhi also thinks the same for Kunal.

Richa claims that Kunal raped her, but Siddhi is able to prove the accusation false with Kunal’s help. Finally, Kunal and Siddhi confess their love for each other and Siddhi gets pregnant.Rohit, Kunal’s other brother dies and Kunal is being blamed for it. Siddhi agrees to Richa’s offer that Kunal will be saved if she (Siddhi) divorces him and cuts all her relations with him. The blame for Rohit’s death falls on Siddhi and she is jailed. In jail, Siddhi gives birth to twin sons. The first son is kidnapped by Richa, and after a series of events ends up with Kunal. Siddhi gives the second son to a friend called Sulekha Diwan and tells her to give the child to Kunal. Sulekha keeps the baby as she thinks Kunal and Richa have gotten married.

The story picks up again after nine years. Both of Siddhi’s twin sons are named Anand. Siddhi gets out of jail and moves in with Sulekha Diwan and her son, Abhay Diwan. Neither family knows about the other twin son. Siddhi thinks Richa and Kunal have gotten married. In a startling coincidence, both Kunal and Siddhi end up working at Abhay Diwan’s office. Kunal avoids Siddhi, thinking that she has married Abhay Diwan. After a while, Kunal ends up marrying Richa because he thinks that it is high time for him to move on with his own life and forget about Siddhi.

Later, Kunal and Siddhi reunite and explain all the misunderstandings to each other. However, the next day, Kunal finds out that Siddhi and Abhay are getting married. Kunal and Abhay both file a custody case for the son, Anand, who is living with Abhay. D.K. Thakral, Kunal’s old nemesis, fights the case for Kunal. Siddhi gives a statement in favour of Kunal even though Abhay had warned her not to do so. On the last day of the trial, the twins reach court and convince the judge not to pass the case in favour of Abhay. They also bring up the fact that all those years ago, their father had not signed the divorce papers with Siddhi, and so all their subsequent marriages are null.

Later, Anand Jr. gets shot during a mall outing, and Kunal is unable to pay the hospital charges. Abhay turns up and pays the fees, but he also taunts Kunal and calls him a bad father. Siddhi also taunts Kunal so that he can become more responsible and hard-working. Suddenly a bomb blast occurs, and Siddhi is hurt in it. The Chopra family realises the depth of their mistake and accepts Siddhi.Siddhi and Kunal oppose each other in court, but it is later revealed that it was all a plan by Kunal. The show ends on a happy note as Siddhi and Kunal have no more misunderstandings that can come between them.

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Garima Bhatnagar Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 8 January 1984
Garima Bhatnagar
Beena Banerjee Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 19 February 1943
Beena Banerjee
Amit Khanna Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 24 July 1984
Amit Khanna
Aashka Goradia Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 27 November 1985
Aashka Goradia