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Hindi Tv Serial Rishton Ke Bhanwar Mein Uljhi Niyati

Rishton Ke Bhanwar Mein Uljhi Niyati Hindi Tv serials on Sahara one

Rishton Ke Bhanwar Mein Uljhi Niyati or RKBMUN for short was an Indian TV series which was based on the life of its main protagonist named Niyati. The show was based on a girl who managed multiple relationships and how she was stuck between the relations she managed. The story was a very lengthy one and thus id didn’t do very well in the TRP market but yet some people loved it. The story was stretched a bit but still the story was about a woman who managed every relation with success. The story had an entirely different story about a woman’s struggles.

The story started when Niyati fell in love with Amber. Soon after that, they were bounded by marriage. Niyati did a job before her marriage and supported her father. After her marriage, she came to know that there was an established rule in her in-law's house. Everybody in that house handed over their income to their mother who authorised the house. Niyati also acted as a dutiful daughter-in-law and handed her salary to her mother-in-law. But then a mishap occurred. Niyati’s father faced an accident and he was forced to stay back at home. Niyati wanted to help her parents by giving her income to them but she was unable as the rule still existed. Thus she was in a dilemma. But she decided to give her father her salary which had saddened her mother-in-law. But she had no other option as she was stuck between two relations. Soon her mother-in-law forgave her as she had given birth to her daughter who was also named Niyati and her only son. Then another mishap occurred as Niyati died and Amber was left alone with small Niyati and Amber’s son. Then the show took a leap.

After the leap, it was shown that small Niyati had grown up and she joined Police. A politician named Ishwar was introduced then. During a case, Niyati got into a conflict with Ishwar and his grandmother and they decided they would take revenge on Niyati. Ishwar trapped Niyati in his love as a part of their plan and Niyati started loving Ishwar. After that, they decided to marry. But just before the marriage, a fire broke out and Niyati was burnt because she tried to save Ishwar’s mother from the fire. Ishwar acted as a very caring lover and hence married her though she got burnt. Realising that her daughter was in safe hands Amber went to abroad for business purposes. On the nuptial night, Ishwar was asked not to consummate with Niyati by her grandmother. But Ishwar still tried but in vain as her grandmother disturbed them on the very night.

After some days Niyati was shocked to know the truth that Ishwar and his grandmother only brought her to the house because they wanted to take revenge on her. Niyati started staying away from Ishwar. But Ishwar was trying to talk to her but in vain. Ishwar had also started loving her. But after some days, Ishwar’s grandmother played a dirty trick as she had learnt that Ishwar had started loving Niyati. She brought in a girl and asked her to act as Ishwar’s wife and instigated Ishwar for re-marrying. Ishwar was not ready to listen but her grandmother stooped very low and somewhat managed him. On the other hand, she locked Niyati in a room on the day of marriage. The fake marriage took place and Niyati left the house. But when Ishwar’s grandmother asked the fake wife of Ishwar to go away from their life to what she refused. Then grandmother brought back Niyati to the house and soon she was accepted by the whole family. But then grandmother was killed. Then the series was stretched somewhat with Niyati and Ishwar and some problems.

After a lot of stretching, the show ended on a happy note when Niyati was united with her husband Ishwar.

Aastha Chaudhary played her role as IPS officer Niyati, 'Tabrez Khan' as Ishwar Sharma and Kiran Bhargava as Ishwar’s grandmother.