Hindi Tv Serial Meri Doli Tere Angana

Meri Doli Tere Angana Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Meri Doli Tere Angana was a daily soap premiered on ZEE Network. It was first aired on 21st May 2007 and ended on 16th May 2008. The TV series is produced by Rahul Bhat and Sharika Sharma Bhat under their home production banner Filmtonic Entertainment (Pvt) Ltd. The The story illustrates the struggle of a girl in our society. There is a girl named Simran (acted by Priyamvada Sawant ), an orphan girl who resides with her Uncle and Aunty. They were just like her parents, and she has complete faith in them whatever they opt for her, it will be a best and right decision for her. They suggested her to get married to a guy called Ruhaan (acted by Gaurav Khanna), who belongs to the richest families in the town.

After marriage, Ruhaan tells Simran that he is in love with some other girl. This trapped Simran in dilemma cannot make a move to home because her uncle is a heart patient and it could affect him. So, Simran decides to complete her responsibilities as a wife and daughter in law of an honored family. They both went to Goa for their honeymoon, where he found that the girl he loves has got married to some other guy. Now he started feeling love for Simran and started living as a happy couple. Few months later Ruhaan’s first love Suhaana (acted by Manshi Deshmukh) made a comeback and tried to mesmerize Ruhaan. She conspires against Simran. Even the family members of Ruhaan were not in favour of Simran.

But, after time passes, the truth comes in the picture which makes Suhaana get angry and finally she pushes Ruhaan and Simran from a top of the Cliff. Simran perished, but somehow Ruhaan is saved by a girl named Sargam, but he lost his memory. Sargam was engaged with Vendant, but during Ruhaan’s treatment, she falls in love with Ruhaan and marries him and starts her new life. One day Ruhaan sees his father, and he starts to remember everything. Ruhaan’s family ask him to a comeback with Sargam. Ruhaan and Sargam make a move to Ruhaan’s house. Ruhaan still remembers Simran, knowing he won't ever forget her. The TV series is based on the concept of a woman who is totally committed and believes in herself and its her strength that will stand by her through difficult times.

(21st May 2007 – 16th May 2008)