Jaya Sawant is the mother of the popular and famous Bollywood actor and item girl Rakhi Sawant Rakhi Sawant, the well-known drama queen of the In >> Read More... Rakhi Sawant . She appeared and became a popular face when she participated in the popular television game show, ‘Big Boss Season 3’ hosted by Bollywood actor . According to her daughter Rakhi Sawant, her mother Jaya Sawant participated in the television show for only money. The mother and daughter have split and now they both are living independently. After the split Jaya Sawant was forced to work to support her family and she chose to participate in this game show to increase the cash flow. Despite the dispute among the daughter and mother, Rakhi expressed her discomfort when she came to know that how her mother was treated in the game show and the early elimination of Jaya Sawant seemingly unsettled her.
Jaya Sawant faced the camera and the world of entertainment industry for the first on the sets of ‘Big Boss 3’ and introduced herself as the heartbroken mother of Rakhi Sawant. She claimed that the participation in the game show was her new way to find love and care sine her daughter has already abandoned her. Although she participated in the game show she was in no way prepared and skilled to play the competition. The game demanded high confidence, social skill and communication and Jaya Sawant terribly lacked all it. Audience seemed to have no patience with the aunty character that she had and all inmates of thee house had a cold shoulder towards her. Even though her elimination depressed for a small time she was later heard quoting that she was happy to be in the place where she really belongs.