Hindi Tv Serial Gustakh Dil

Gustakh Dil Hindi Tv serials on Life ok
Gustakh Dil is a Hindi language television drama aired on LIFE OK on 5th August 2013 and running successfully. It consists a love triangle among Laajo (acted by Sana Sheikh), Nikhil (acted by Vibhav Roy) and Ishana (Parvati Sehgal).
The story revolves around a simple village girl Laajwanti also known Lajjo and a rich young boy named Nikhil, who is madly in love with his childhood friend Ishana. The story starts when Nikhil plans to celebrate his birthday along with his grandfather who lives in a village called Sonvarsha. He wanted to go there with his childhood friend Ishana, but she showed reluctance to there. In Sonvarsha, Nikhil accidently meets with a simple girl named Laajo, who lives in Sonvarsha with her parents. Accidently, Nikhil is about to hit her cow. Angry Lajjo asks for money from Nikhil and said now her cow won’t be able to give milk. A young man visits Sonvarsha to see Lajjo for a marriage proposal; he likes Lajjo, but Lajjo’s mother started to get worried about dowry.
Nikhil and his few friends find out that the bubbly girl Lajjo is soon to get married in a very young age and her family is trying to make the arrangement of dowry demands from Lajjo's wannabe in-laws. Lajjo feels disheartened and dejected when she gets to know the expectations and dowry demands of her in-laws. She announced that she didn't want to get married in such greedy family. To avoid the humiliation of Lajjo and her parents, Nikhil decides to get married with Lajjo without even thinking about childhood love Ishana. But after coming to Delhi, he realized he has messed up the things. Here, the story of Lajjo’s dilemma starts whether either she should stick with his husband Nikhil, who still loves Ishana and wants to get married to her or make a move to her village Sonvarsha.
The Journey of triangular love connection started, and Lajjo started to make sacrifices for the sake of Nikhil’s happiness and wish. Nikhil is madly in love with Ishana. So, he wants to get rid of Lajjo to get remarried with his love Ishana. 
 (5th August 2013 -- Continues)