Hindi Awards MTV VMAI Awards

MTV VMAI Awards Hindi AWARDS on M TV

VMAI or Video Music Awards India is the Indian extension of the famous Video Music Awards (VMAs) that takes place internationally and is hosted by the popular satellite television channel MTV. The channel is known for producing upbeat and trendy shows that catch the fancy of youth who are its focus group. The channel has broadcasted many successful shows and was at one time one of the most successful cable channels. VMAs were announced by the channel as this trendy award function that would also be open to fans of popular musicians who attended these awards. VMAs were seen as an alternative to the popular music awards, Grammy.

The award honors the artists who have done great work by producing great songs and music videos. Soon the awards became popular and acquired the reputation of “Super Bowl for youth” as youngsters treated it as a more of a music festival and attended the show in large numbers. Those who couldn’t attend watched it on TV. The award given is in the shape of a man standing on the moon and is covered in silver from head to toe. The award soon became prestigious and because of its growing popularity, the channel who already had a strong presence in India announced that the awards were being introduced to India where Indian artists, singers, musicians will be honored. The most distinctive part of the Indian edition of the award that separated it from the US version was that the award had many categories outside music videos, like best lyrics, or best album, etc. This made the award all the more exciting for Indian fans.

VMAI also had many nominations for independent artists. Various popular singers and musicians were nominated in different categories like Yo Yo Honey Singh, Jasleen Royal, Neeti Mohan, Sonu Kakkar, and many others. The other exciting part of the show was that apart from public voting, there was also a jury of artists from various fields to select winners in all the ten categories. The jury comprised of personalities like Prasoon Joshi, Anurag Kashyap, Ehsan Noorani, and many more. The show took place on 21st March 2013 and aired on the channel MTV on April 7th.