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Raat Hone Ko Hai Hindi Tv serials on Sahara one
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Raat Hone ko Hai was an Indian Horror Series. This Horror show had no specific cast's. Every week there was a different pair of casts. The makers of Aahat and CID, one of the most trending shows on Sony Entertainment Television made this horror series in order to Increase the Trending of Sahara one. It was ranked very highly in the TRP market. Raat Hone ko Hai or RKHH for short attempted a different form of the story. It tried to attract the viewers by making the show more terrifying. The show had a great run and fans loved watching this show. Every week there was a new story and each story contained four episodes. As it was aired four days a week the fans enjoyed it with a story every week and thus the fans were not compelled to wait until the end of the story for another week. Thus the viewers were not forced to lose the track and he/she was able to cope up in the very week if he had missed the show. It was not based on real life incidents. Rather it was an imaginative creation that does not represent actually but has been invented. In short, it was a fiction.

The viewers were entertained by the show as well as they were horrified too. The prospect of the serial was to run smoothly and Increase trending. Also, it wanted the viewer’s appreciation also. The viewers were very much entertained and terrified with episodes like Lift and Khandar. The show basically employed casts who were new to the Hindi Series Company and thus appointed new generation for the show. After passing a month the show became very popular. It became very famous especially to the children and young generation but it somewhat failed to create a good impression on the minds of the elderly and married people. These citizens rather enjoyed watching the soap opera.

There is no specific casts in the show. But there were some famous names in the weekly episodes. One of them was Rati Pandey Rati Pandey is an Indian actress, model and a danc >> Read More... who had just made her debut in the serial Industry. Amrapali Gupta Born on 28th May, 1988, Amrapali Gupta hails from >> Read More... also played a part. Famous actors like Rupali Ganguly Rupali Ganguly is a popular Indian television actr >> Read More... and Anup Soni Anup or Anoop Soni is an Indian TV and film actor, >> Read More... also played a part.

The show was premiered on the 10th of May on 2004. The show had a good run in terms of the other horror based shows. It ended after completing its 272nd episode. The show was broadcasted on Sahara Manoranjan (later named as Sahara One) from Monday to Thursday at 11 P.M IST


Geetika Tyagi Hindi Movie Actress
DOB: 25 September 1989
Geetika Tyagi
Disha Vakani Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 17 September 1978
Disha Vakani
Jhanvi Dave Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 23 June 1960
Jhanvi Dave
Naved Aslam Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 24 November 1970
Naved Aslam
Jaineeraj Rajpurohit Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 26 September 1978
Jaineeraj Rajpurohit