Indian playback singer and album artist Sonu Kakkar was born in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. Neha Kakkar Neha Kakkar is a prominent Indian comedian and pla >> Read More... , and Tony Kakkar Tony Kakkar is an Indian Music Director, Lyricist, >> Read More... are the siblings of Sonu kakkar. She started singing jaguars when she was five years old. She was the contestant of the V channel shows Indian Pop Star. Music director Sandeep Chowta The eldest son of Kannada author and businessman D >> Read More... gave her first song Babuji Zara Dheere Chalo, and this is the most famous song in her career.

Sonu is a versatile singer and has been a playback singer for many regional language films including Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu, Marathi, Nepali, Malayalam, Punjabi, Hindi and Bengali films. In 2019 she gave her voice to song Teri Bahon Mein. 

Jubin Nautiyal Hindi Actor

Jubin Nautiyal

The talented Jubin Nautiyal was born on 14th June 1989 in the city of Dehradun, Uttrakhand. He hails from a Brahmin family with roots in Jaunsar region. His father Mr. Ram Sharan Nautiyal is a politician as well as a businessman while his mother Mrs. Neena Nautiyal is a businesswoman as well. Jubin states that his father came from a small agricultural background and that he feels extremely proud that his father came so far starting from zero. He further says that he enjoys all the attention he gets considering the fact he has worked hard and that he doesn’t come from any ‘Bollywood family’ or has any ‘Bollywood connection.’ He did his schooling till the eighth grade from St. Joseph’s Academy, Dehradun. He continued school at Welham Boys’ school, Dehradun where he studied music as a subject and built his base in the teachings of Hindustani classical music. After completing his schooling, he enrolled in Mithibai College in Mumbai. He states that he loves Mumbai and he feels like it’s his ‘Dehradun’. According to his parents, at the tender age of four, Jubin started singing and displaying a fondness towards music, taking his father’s love for singing. However, it was only when he was fifteen years old while studying at Welham Boys’ school, his awareness towards music grew and he started taking music seriously. He started learning classical music and at the same time learnt to play instruments like guitar, harmonium, drums and piano. During his college days, at the age of eighteen he met the legendary A.R. Rahman, who liked his voice and asked him to keep polishing as well as exploring his voice for a few more years before entering the industry, as ‘Mumbai isn’t a place for raw talent.’ According to Jubin, he believes himself to be lucky to meet the legend so early in his career and that he took his suggestions in a better way rather than the other way round. He also recalls that it was the very same day that he had decided that he would like to work with Mr. Rahman someday. Taking the advice, he moved back to his hometown and started his training under his schoolteacher Mrs. Vandana Srivastava. He spent the next four years polishing and sharpening his skills in music. He travelled and learnt from different musicians. He got the opportunity to study light classical music from Channulal Mishra in Benaras and learnt western music under veteran guitarist Prasanna in Chennai. He also jammed with musicians of local bands in the UK to understand rock and alternative music. In 2011, he took his first step towards success when he participated in the show X Factor India where he made it to the top 25 contestants. He gave his audition with the song ‘Tujhe bhula diya’ from the 2010 movie ‘Anjaana anjaani’ starring Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra.With the audience chanting ‘once more’ as he ended his audition, he also received praises for his unique voice from the judges Shreya Ghoshal and Sanjay Leela Bhansali. In October 2012, he debuted with the song ‘Ek mulaqat’ with Amjad- Nadeem from the movie ‘Sonali cable’. His next release was song ‘Meherbani’ with Arko Mukherjee from the 2014 movie ‘The Shaukeens’. Critics and public both have reviewed his song as ‘unbelievably romantic and beautiful’ He believes that he was lucky that his debut song was portrayed on Akshay Kumar and thanks God for the opportunity. His next song ‘Samandar’ is a duet with Shreya Ghoshal from the 2015 movie ‘Kis Kis Ko Pyaar Karu’. In 2016, he performed on MTV Unplugged Season 5. In the same year, he sang the title song ‘Jiya Re’ of one of the most popular TV series ‘Dehleez’ and he worked with composer duo Sachin-Jigar for the title track of another TV series ‘Ek duje ke vaste’. He also worked with Amit Trivedi in the song ‘Tere liye’ along with Sunidhi Chauhan for the 2016 movie ‘Fitoor.’ Apart from this, he has also worked with several other great composers. He has worked with Nadeem Saifi and sang the song ‘Ishq forever’ along with Palak Muchhal and worked with Kaushik & Akash for the song ‘Gumnam hai koi’ from the 2016 movie ‘1920 London’ with Antara Mitra. His songs such as ‘Le chala’ from 2016 movie ‘One Night Stand’ and ‘The sound of raaz’ from the 2016 movie ‘Raaz Reboot’ opened up his collaboration with the legendary Jeet Gannguli, which continued for the song ‘Dhal jaun main’ from the 2016 movie ‘Rustom’. In 2017, he sang the song ‘Humma’ from the movie ‘Ok Jannu’. In his current song, he states that the music directors wanted a ‘soft, dreamy approach’ towards the song ’Humma’ and hence approached him. For him, he says it was finally the moment when he was working with the legend he has always wanted to and was delighted by the fact that Mr. Rahman liked the song. He also happens to be the lead singer in Hrithik Roshan’s upcoming movie ‘kaabil’ produced by Rakesh Roshan. He says that he has been a huge fan of the producer since ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’ and has always appreciated his love for ‘new, raw voices.’ He also has a very romantic track in the upcoming movie adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s book ‘Half Girlfriend’ starring Arjun Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor. Jubin is a singer with extreme versatility in his voice. He likes to learn and experiment with different types of music genres. He also states that he doesn’t know anything except singing. He’s made a whole journey for sharpening his music skills. He further states that if he won’t have been singing for Bollywood as of now, he would still have been somewhere, playing his guitar and singing. He’s extremely devoted when it comes to singing and believes his only competition is with himself and that he wants to give his best every time. He has also sung songs in various languages and believes that every language has its own soul which he wants to understand as well as experience. He also wants to bring the Jaunsari flavour to Bollywood music by using local instruments like Rubab and Rannsingha. He believes that his name and music, both are like ‘fashion’, something that fades away with time and then suddenly returns. He believes that good work is something that it says about its worker. He declares that he really loves his fans. He often uses his social media sites, personally, reads, comments and replies whenever he gets the chance and believes that his fans are everything to him and one of his ‘true critics’. He also believes in staying close and true to his roots as both, a singer and a person. He states that he is a thankful singer who sings with gratitude for everything in his life and the only thing he really loves to do is to sing, to showcase his passion and love, his emotions and feelings through the melody and tone of his voice and songs. He states that Arijit Singh is the present singing sensation of the country and he himself is a huge fan. He further adds that they both appreciate each other’s music, by often messaging each other or posting each other’s song on Facebook. He doesn’t believe himself to be a competitive person at all and that he always wants to keep giving excellent music to his fans. Jubin was awarded with ‘Upcoming Male Vocalist of The Year’ at 8th Mirchi music awards 2016 for his song ‘Zindagi kuch toh bata’ from ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’. His achievement is the ‘Rising Musical Star Award’ 2015 at Zee Business Awards. He went to his first award ceremony with his mother thinking he won’t win against his ‘passionate, highly talented rival nominees’. He says to him receiving the award was ‘extremely unexpected’ and out of the blue. He says that his song ‘Zindagi kuch…’ is extremely close to his heart and he kept recording and improving his singing till he believed he gained perfection of every word the way he wanted. He also happened to be in ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ (2016) as a jury member. He says that he got to see everything from a different perception and is happy he got a chance to have close interaction with the contestants. He further says that the country is full of bubbling and extremely talented musicians.