English Tv Serial Two And A Half Men

Two And A Half Men English TV SERIALS on CBS

Two and a Half Men was a long American television series with 12 seasons in all. Season 1 of the show was started to be telecasted from 22 September 2003 and the last episode of season 12 was telecasted on 19 February 2015. Such a long duration it is from 2003 to 2015. A total number of episodes were 262 in all the 12 seasons. It was from the genre of black comedy. A country in which the show was originated was the United States, and the original language of the serial was English. In season 1 there were 24 episodes, in season 2 it was the same as in season 1 it was 24 episodes. In season 3 also there were 24 episodes, in season 4 it was also the same as it had 24 episodes.

Then in season 5 it was 15 episodes, in season 6 it was 24, in season 7 it was 19 episodes, in season 8 there were 16 episodes, in season 9 it was 24 episodes, in season 10 there were 23 episodes, in season 11 it was with 22 episodes, and in season 12 there with 22 episodes and finally the show had an ending. So now we would directly come to the story of the show. It is about three men Charlie, Alan and his son Jake. Charlie and Alan are brothers. Amongst these Charlie is a bachelor. Initially, everything was normal, but a turn took place when Alan’s wife Judith decided to get rid of him by giving divorce.

Because of this Alan shifted to his brother Charlie’s house along with his son Jake from here the title of the series came that is Two and a Half Men. Jake visited the two men only on weekends which were not liked by Berta who was the housekeeper at Charlie’s house. But then everything was normal later. Then finally the Charlie decides to marry Chelsea. But soon after their engagement Chelsea refuses to marry. There was another lady named Rose in Charlie’s life that used to stalk Charlie and was his girlfriend earlier.

Soon Charlie went to Paris, and there he died by falling in front of a train or something of that kind. When all this was happening to Charlie Jake was busy with his son. Soon Jake joined the army to forget all this. Then after some time, he plans a trip to Japan with his son Jake. Till this time no one knew where Charlie is and he was kidnapped by Rose and was killed by her before he could have approached his friends and family. And Alan marries a woman named Lyndsey. And with this, the series met an end happy or sad can’t say because it had good news and bad news at the end.