Plot Vethu Vettu tells the story of a youth who always fools his friends with lies Once he lied about a girl to his friends She uses that lie in her favor

Vethu Vettu Movie Review

Vethu Vettu Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Vethu Vettu"
Runtime: 1 Hour 45 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 20-03-2015
Genre: Comedy, Drama
2 / 5.0

Plot: Vethu Vettu tells the story of a youth, who always fools his friends with lies. Once he lied about a girl to his friends. She uses that lie in her favor, when she was in trouble. This lie turned against him. Did the hero escape from the charge against him or what is the main knot in the story.

Harish, the young hero did his role perfectly and Malavika Menon too. Harish and his friends were chatting during the local festival and they see Malavika coming there and ask about her. Harish says that he knows her very well. An incident happened to favor Harish; a pump set got repaired and Harish repairs it for Malavika and his friends start to believe that he and Malavika are lovers. After the festival gets over, Harish forgets about Malavika and continues his work. After a few months, Malavika is said to be pregnant and the villagers inquire about her pregnancy and she showed her hand against Harish. So, the village leader Naren arranges for their marriage and compels Harish to marry Malavika and without any positive source, Harish marries her. As she deceived everyone and blamed him for her pregnancy, Harish plans to kill Malavika. Malavika then tells him the reason for her pregnancy. Will Harish accept her or get rid of her is the rest of the story.

The story shows the positives and negatives in the youth. How the younger generation is exploited in the name of love is very well depicted by the director. The director Mani Bharathy has handled the situations neatly. Vethu Vaettu has lots of interesting scenes that are enjoyed by the youth. This film also shows that there are many people who still do not accept the love marriages and they even think that love is a crime.

This film can be watched once for its twists and suspense. Naren, Sri Ranjani, Ilavarasu, Kanja Karupu are in the lead roles along with Harish and Malavika.