Charles Shafiq Karthiga Aka Charles Shafique Karthiga Movie Review

Charles Shafiq Karthiga Aka Charles Shafique Karthiga Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Charles Shafiq Karthiga"
Runtime: 2 Hours 04 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 27-03-2015
2 / 5.0

Plot: Charles Shafiq Karthiga is a well created thriller story directed by Sathyamoorthy Saravanan. As this kind of low budget movies is not properly advertised, they lose its viewers. Sharrankumar, Narayanan thirumalai, Vimal, Jai Quaehaeni and Mishal are in the cast of CSK.

Charles and Karthiga are lovers. Karthiga asks Charles to shed out his passion to play cricket for her love. Charles gets confused whether to leave her or cricket. Finally, he says yes to leave cricket, his passion inorder to marry her. When he wants Karthiga to visit his mother, he takes her to his mother. While going to the church to meet his mother, Charles asks Karthiga to take her flowers off and rub off her Bindi in her forehead. Some of the scenes show the bad in the good people. Shafiq is a guy who has his own justice and accepts to smuggle diamonds. He has a poor family, in which all the members are working to run their family. He has got two sisters, who are ready for marriage; Shafiq has the responsibility to care his family, agrees to do the illegal smuggling business. He is chased by the policemen and gets caught; the director shows the reality in these scenes. The film is lagging from the quality picture and that is the reason why, it doesn’t reach the audience well.

Shafiq’s smuggling affects Karthiga in a way and the smugglers start to torture her. At a crucial stage, Charles saves her, using his cricket action with a stick. The locket in which Karthiga had the Lord Muruga’s image was then changed to that of Charles. The story interlocks the three major religions, without degrading any of them. All the scenes are shot, after a good planning. Unlike the ordinary heroic movies, this movie has depicted the reality in a natural way. If it has a well-known star cast, the film might have hit the box office. In general, it is a good movie with a good story with good direction. Sharran, Mishal and Jai Quehaeni did the major roles in a respective manner. This is a watchable movie with the family.