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Anson Paul was born on 15 July in the year 1988. He was born in Thrissur, Kerala, India. He presently resides in Ernakulam in Kerala. He is an actor. He does most of his films in the South Indian Film Industry in the Malayalam language. He has made his debut in this Industry recently in 2013. The name of his debut film was KQ. It was in the Malayalam language. B. Johnson directed this film. The name of the role that he played on the screen in the movie KQ was Roshan. In 2016, he added three movies to his illustrious career. All were successful. The first one was Su Su Sudhi Valmeekam.

The name of his role in the film was Sudhir Babu. He acted very well in the movie and the movie received good ratings. It was houseful week after week. This movie was filmed under the direction of R. Sankher, a popular and talented South Indian director. He directed the movie very well. The movie was made in the Malayalam language. Next movie in the year 2016 was Oozham. In this film, the name of his role was Edward Marquez. This movie received good ratings as well. Under the direction of J. Joseph, Anson produced some very good acting in the film. This film was in Malayalam.

This was also one of the most successful films in South India in 2016. The third film in which Anson acted in 2016 was Remo. In this movie, the name of his role was Dr Vishwa. This movie was not Malayalam. He had done a Tamil movie for the first time and it was a great success. Under the direction of newbie B. Kannan, Anson featured in a very good movie in the Tamil language. The Tamil people appreciated this movie as they felt that they were very lucky to have seen such a film.

The acting was the major lookout for this film and so this film got so much appreciation. Anson has just started his career in films and he has achieved so much success in this small span of his career. Just four years into the South Film, Industry and he had already put his foothold here. He is currently busy in filming a Tamil and a Malayalam film mixture. The name of the film is solo. Since the film is yet to be ready, his name in the film has not been disclosed yet. The film is scheduled to release later this year. The director of the film is B. Nambiar.


Born: 28 February 1984

Age Now 40

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Born: 28 February 1948

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Born: 28 February 1920

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Born: 28 February 1965

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Born: 27 February 1985

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