Plot Rajathandhiram The name might bring an idea that it is a movie which has a crucial plan between political parties or governments But it is not so Thi

Rajathandhiram Movie Review

Rajathandhiram Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Rajathandhiram-survival Of The Smartest"
Runtime: 2 Hours 48 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 13-03-2015
Genre: Thriller
3.8 / 5.0

Plot: Rajathandhiram… The name might bring an idea that it is a movie which has a crucial plan between political parties or governments; But it is not so. This film is about the occasional criminals who want to loot a jewelry shop in a talented way. Did they yield victory in looting the shop? And what is the condition of the jewelry shop owner is the story package.

With the bike selling, the story starts its travel. A person who wants to sell his bike is approached by two people, who want to buy the bike. When hearing the news of the bike sale, a mechanic enters in the scene. When the rate is fixed nominal, one of the buyers pays the amount and gets the bike. He rides it to his home. When he called all his family members to show his newly bought bike proudly, he finds it missing. Actually, the people who involved in the bike sale, other than the buyer were friends. The background voice tells us that, these people are not cheating anyone; instead using the greed of the other people and earns money to lead their life. Though this kind of story is already seen in Sathuranga Vettai with Natraj, the viewers are eager to watch what will be the next.

Arjun, Kullan and Deva are three petty criminal friends who were doing some criminal activities as and when. Madhavan Iyer, who plans to loot the jewelry shop of Azhagappan, approaches these friends to favor him. But Arjun goes straight to the jewelry shop owner Azhagappan and tells him the plan of Madhavan, who initiates this robbery for his friend Dharma. The story makes the viewers to get glued to their seats. The director AG Amid intelligently handles the story with the trickier scenes. The actors lived as the characters. The revenge by the person who orders to loot is not revealed to the viewers, as it is not needed in this plot. Some of the scenes lag from the truth. Comedy scenes are Okay type.

Cinematography by Kathir is excellent. Editing work is excellently done by Praveen Antony. Totally, the director knows how to get the work from the actors and other technicians too. This movie Rajathandhiram could be watched once for the thrill.