Plot: Lodukku Pandi is the film by Karunas. Karunas s first character is Lodukku Pandi in the film Nandha and he utilized that name to the title of his new film

Lodukku Pandi Movie Review

Lodukku Pandi Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Lodukku Pandi"
Runtime: 1 Hour 51 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 26-06-2015
Genre: Comedy, Drama
1 / 5.0

Plot: Lodukku Pandi Click to look into! >> Read More... Lodukku Pandi is the film by Karunas. Karunas’s first character is Lodukku Pandi in the film Nandha and he utilized that name to the title of his new film. This film has Neha Saxena Neha Saxena was born in Agra on April 24, 1988. Sh >> Read More... Neha Saxena as the heroine. Music scoring is by M. S. Thyagarajan and the direction is by Rajaneesh.

Karunas is a middle class man living with his wife and two children. He is suffering from the loan problems and strives hard to run the family. He decides to rob a studio to meet all his financial needs. He enters the studio and loots the money; but he is unable to come out, as the studio is locked. So, he decides to stay in the studio in a hope that it will get opened within two days. But unfortunately, the studio manager expires. So, the studio is about to close for two more days.

Without food, how Karunas managed to live in the studio for four days. Whether he come out from the studio and settles his loans or not is the rest of the story. The film revolves around Karunas only. As most of the scenes are with Karunas, it is boring for the people and hence the interest decreases gradually. Neha Saxena performs as the wife of Karunas, but there is no heavy work for her. Kadhal Dhandapani Kadhal Dhandapani was a living legend and will alw >> Read More... Kadhal Dhandapani and Mano Bala try to bring humor, but they fail. An exclusive set was made for this story costing over 15lakhs.

The director has tried a full length comedy movie with Karunas. But the people could not enjoy the film, as Karunas is present in 90% of the film. Most of the scenes are shot in the studio, where Karunas went to rob. At least he could have included a few more scenes with other comedians or the heroine. Everyone in the film has appeared as guests except Karunas. That is one among the reasons for boring. While watching the films, people want to get entertained in various ways, which the director failed to satisfy.

In total, Lodukku Pandi is a low attraction!