A laughter ride wrapped with catchy songs it is a children rsquo s delight Plot The movie Jambulingam is a story of a woman rsquo s daughter who gets kidnap

Jumbulingam 3D Movie Review

Jumbulingam 3D Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Jumbulingam 3D"
Runtime: 2 Hours 05 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 13-05-2016
Genre: Drama
3 / 5.0

A laughter ride wrapped with catchy songs, it is a children’s delight.

Plot: The movie Jambulingam is a story of a woman’s daughter who gets kidnapped. The magician, Vittal is played by YogJapee, who endeavors to save the estranged daughter. Since the movie is of comic genre, the whole sequence is full of laughter, but only for children.

The magician, Vittal, uses his various apprentices to get the kidnapped daughter released. The villain, a dangerous city-don, is also a character in himself. He takes the victim, the kidnapped daughter, to all the other places where he goes, whether it is a business meeting or a personal activity. The magician uses Jambulingam, played by Gokul, to rescue her. Jambulingam is magician’s aid to get the daughter back and meanwhile indulges in all sorts of humor.

Analysis: Since the movie is mainly targeted to children; it is not much praiseworthy on storyline or action. The mild humor and childish jokes although make it very intriguing, but only for kids. The movie, however, looks like a Japanese remake, and since most of its shooting took place in Japan, it has some resemblances. The overall runtime of more than an hour of the movie although does not make it boring. The movie is released in 3D which makes it all the more interesting and fun to watch. The action sequences thrill the audience in 3D effect.

Star Performances: The movie stars Ambuli Gokalnath and Anjana Kirti in lead roles. Ambuli Gokalnath as Jambulingam has pulled out the role beautifully alongside Anjana. Yog Japee as the magician has left no stone unturned for a comic as well as humorous role. The overall cast has performed beautifully and did justice to their characters. Again, being a children’s movie, it lacked some really good acting but can easily be overlooked. Apart from the film stars Ashvin Raja as Maanasthan, Sukanya, Erode Mahesh, Hamsika as Hamsi, Anjena Kirti as Irene, Yog Japee, Kalairani and Lollu Sabha Jeeva.

What’s there?

1. The movie is full of comedy and will leave you rolling.

2. Amazing story, if you are a kid or an adult.

3. The characters, a few of them, are totally relatable to our real lives.

4. The songs are good enough to get your feet tapping.

What’s not there?

1. Concrete performances lack completely.

2. Few scenes are illogical and are abrupt. Being a 3D movie, some of these are unbearable.

3. It severely lacks something for adult audiences.

Verdict: The movie is a decent entertainer for kids, but as an adult, the movie is boring and dull. Released during summer holidays, it can sure make some good business.