KD alias Karuppu Durai is scripted and directed by Madhumita Sundararraman. The movie has M U Ramasamy, Naga Vishal, Yog Japee and Badava Gopi in the lead role

K.D. (a) Karuppu Durai Movie Review

K.D. (a) Karuppu Durai Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " K.D. (a) Karuppu Durai"
Runtime: 1 Hour 59 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 22-11-2019
Genre: Drama
4 / 5.0



KD alias Karuppu Durai is scripted and directed by Madhumita Sundararraman. The movie has M U Ramasamy, Naga Vishal, Yog Japee Yog Japee is a Tamil writer, trainer, and actor. H >> Read More... Yog Japee and Badava Gopi Badava Gopi is a stand up comedian who gained popu >> Read More... Badava Gopi in the lead roles. Siddharth Anand Kumar Siddharth Raj Anand, commonly known as Siddharth A >> Read More... Siddharth Anand Kumar is the producer. Karthikeya Murthy composes the music


Karuppu Durai, the elderly man is in a coma and his family plans to mercy kill him. Miraculously Karuppudurai wakes up from the coma and overhears the plans of his people and escapes from the place. He meets Kutty, a parentless boy who was taken care of by a temple priest. After meeting Kutty, Karuppudurai started re-believing relationships. He becomes closer to Kutty. When his family finds out that KD is missing, they appointed a tracker to find him. Why did they want to get him? Do they want to mercy kill him? Did KD meet his people again? Watch the movie to know the rest.

Star Performance

All the stars performed brilliantly and impressed the audiences. This movie has proved that performance and the content are the major things in cinema than the stars.


Kudos to the director Madhumita, who had taken this emotional subject on her hands. She clearly showed the mindset of the people whom we cannot sideline as bad. She had captured the reality and made everyone feel that they had crossed such a person in their life. The star casting is simply superb and kudos to the casting team. Each and every character in the movie had been written perfectly and the stars lived in the character. What will be the feeling of a person who is abandoned by his family or what will be his feeling when they plan to kill him? These feelings are excellently shown. Many films had shown the kids behaving maturely. This had irritated the audience many times. But, this movie had brought the same thing from a different angle and it impresses. The music and visuals are fantastic.

What's There?

  • Script, screenplay and performance are impressive
  • BGM gels well with the script and the visuals are great

What's Not There?

  • Nothing to be pointed out as negative


KD is a perfect movie that could not be missed out this weekend.