Aaram Vetrumai is the tribal story that has the star cast of Ajay Gopika Sakthivel Yogi Babu Amjath Hussain Umasree and many others The film is scripted a

Aaram Vettrumai Movie Review

Aaram Vettrumai Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Aaram Vettrumai"
Runtime: 2 Hours 15 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 08-09-2017
Genre: Drama, Thriller
2 / 5.0



Aaram Vetrumai is the tribal story that has the star cast of Ajay, Gopika, Sakthivel, Yogi Babu, Amjath Hussain, Umasree and many others. The film is scripted and directed by Hari Krishna. Sakthivel produced the film and Ganesh Raghavendra is the music director. Arivazhagan is the cinematographer and Karthikeyan is the editor. Boby Antony is the choreographer of Aaram Vetrumai.


Kottai Kaadu and Kooni Kaadu are the two tribal villages in a big forest. Kottai Kaadu is the place where the heroine Gopika lives with her family. Kooni Kaadu is the village where the hero Ajay lives with his family and friends. People in Kooni Kaadu are illiterates and they spend their nights in hunting and the days in sleeping. There is a rule in both the tribal villages where the people should not cross the borders. The person, who breaks the rule, will be severely punished. Knowing all the cross-border rules, the hero crosses the border with his friends. While visiting the Kottai Kadu, the hero finds the heroine fighting against the lion. The hero kills the lion and saves her. Naturally, they fall in love with each other. Meanwhile, the heroine’s parents arrange an alliance for her. What happens next? Will the hero and the heroine unite? Watch the film in theaters.

Star Performance

Ajay and Gopika have performed well. Ajay’s body language is good and Gopika emotes well. The supporting cast has done their part well.


Although Hari Krishna has chosen a different setting for his story, the script is not different from the usual village love stories. It is a typical rural love story with the border issue between two villages. Usually, we will see the normal village stories in this genre but this is a tribal village story and that is the difference.

What’s There?

  • The performance by the lead stars is good
  • The cinematography is appreciable
  • Background score is okayish

What’s Not There?

  • Songs are not impressive
  • Script is not new


If the movie had known faces as the lead roles, it might have impressed the audiences. If you don’t have any films to watch in this weekend, you can have a try.