Karyasthan marks actor Dileep 39 s 100th Malayalam movie and director Thomson 39 s first Plot Kizhakkedathu and Puthezhathu are the names of two wealthy fami

Karyasthan Movie Review

Karyasthan Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Karyasthan"
Runtime: 2 Hours 49 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 05-11-2010
Genre: Comedy
2 / 5.0

Karyasthan marks actor Dileep's 100th Malayalam movie and director Thomson's first. Plot Kizhakkedathu and Puthezhathu are the names of two wealthy families in a small village called Krishnapuram, who lived in peace until it was broken because of certain issues during Rajan's (Siddique) wedding. Following this, Rajan and his wife are forced to flee to Tamil Nadu. Many years later, Krishnanunni (Dileep), Rajan's son, comes back as a Kariyasthan (manager) to fix things between the two families. During his attempts, he starts loving a girl of the opposite house, Sreebala (Akhila). And now there's greater pressure on him to call a truce if he wants to marry his lover, and the movie is a story about how he achieves this.

Analysis: The story and script have both been rehashed from various other movies, and the concept of family warring across literal boundaries is nothing original. The supposedly serious family proceedings look quite comic. The women are all just lined up behind, around the men, and have no real significance. Either they're just standing, or walking around smiling. And there are a lot of these women, wives and daughters of the three to four sons in each house. There is also that typical villain - the one who pretends to be the good guy but is the one responsible for all the flames.

There's the protagonist against - the perfect son who can do impossible tasks and win the hearts of all. The film will, of course, be a sure blockbuster, basically because of the choice of actor cast. Overall, the comedy isn't bad at all and does have its enjoyable moments. The narration type is borrowed from old movies and goes slow. The song Malayalippenne is the best, with Akhila carrying herself really well.

Star Performances: Siby K Thomas and Udayakrishna screenplay writers duo have written an okay script. Berny- Ignatius's songs don't do much to improve the mood of the film. Mahesh Narayanan is responsible for the wonderful cinematography. At almost three hours, the movie is a little too long, and this is due to editing by Salu K. George. The movie is produced by Neeta Anto under the Aan Mega Media banner. Akhila, despite being a newcomer to Mollywood, is very charming. Dileep is, as usual, a treat to watch. Madhu and G K Pillai are experienced actors, and this is obvious in the movie. Suraj Venjarammood in his supporting role adds to the humor element in the movie.

What's there?

1. Fans will certainly want to watch Dileep's hundredth film, and he lives up their expectations by his standard acting.

2. Emotions are captured well throughout the movie; the director and the cinematographer have together done well.

What's not there?

1. This kind of storyline has been taken to death, and there's absolutely nothing new in it.

2. A lot of things that should be serious haven't been shown too well, and they end up looking quite ridiculous in a grave scene.

Verdict: The movie isn't deserving of being Dileep's hundredth; we expect so much more of him. Still, it isn't his worst and makes for a one-time watch, albeit a bit lengthy.