This movie deals with a young girl who is in a quest to reveal the truth about her mother rsquo s death suspecting her loving father over the same Her conscie

Yeh Faasley Movie Review

Yeh Faasley Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Yeh Faasley"
Runtime: 2 Hours 15 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 04-03-2011
Genre: Drama, Crime
1.5 / 5.0



This movie deals with a young girl who is in a quest to reveal the truth about her mother’s death, suspecting her loving father over the same. Her conscience is questioning “Is Daddy good or bad??”


 Arunima ( Tena Desae) after a long stint at boarding school comes to lead a happy life with her loving father, Devinder Dua ( Anupam Kher). With time somehow she finds that the blissful loving family and marriage story of her parents is fake. She fights her own turmoil judging the truth where her father is a good guy or bad!! She has to choose between trusting her father or doing justice to her mother’s death. On further investigation onto a few past friends of her parents she knows that it wasn’t a happy marriage at all. In spite of being love marriage they were not happy; her mother had an admirer (Pawan Malhotra) which can be the reason for her parents’ suffering. So what does Arunima do?? Does she believe what she finds or gets into an action to find deeper sequences??

Star Performancs and Analysis:

The drama is exceptionally intense!! Anupam Kher is the best performer who completely does justice to his role. But even he is given too much of cribbing and violent stances. Tena Desae, potentially a good performer, fails to make it stronger. The story is pulp and sluggish on many parts. The direction fails to keep the storyline into a single genre as it moves from thriller, horror and family drama. The screenplay does not make any great element. Actors like Seema Biswas and Pavan Malhotra are not given much scope to perform. The flashbacks make it mind numbing with below average performances.

What’s There?

The intensity of drama is overwhelming sometimes that it can keep you glued to your seats. 

What’s not there?

1.The confusion with which the story hails with spoils the screenplay.
2.Performances by actors other than Anupam Kher are below average.
3.The track of story is directed rather slow and boring while it could have been better.


It’s worth a watch for people who could look for intense acting skills (Anupam Kher). Others finding something to chill on the weekend should go for vacation rather.