Welcome to Sajjanpur is a short sweet cute story of the village Sajjanpur which is extremely eventful It is inspired by the 1977 film Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein

Welcome to Sajjanpur Movie Review

Welcome to Sajjanpur Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Welcome to Sajjanpur"
Runtime: 2 Hours 13 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 19-09-2008
Genre: Comedy, Drama
3.25 / 5.0

Welcome to Sajjanpur is a short, sweet, cute story of the village Sajjanpur, which is extremely eventful. It is inspired by the 1977 film Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein. It is made by noted film director Shyam Benegal.


Mahadev is an educated unemployed young man in Sajjanpur who is forced to make a living by writing letters for the poor, uneducated people in the hope of writing a novel one day. Despite being unemployed, he can impact so many lives in is village because of his education.

Mahadev has a varied range of customers – his childhood crush Kamla who is desperate for communication with her husband; a mother ( Ila Arun) who wants her Manglik daughter, Vindhya, to be married; a landlord whose wife is a candidate for the village Sarpanch; a eunuch Munni who is contesting the elections for the Sarpanch but faces threats from the landlord; a compounder ( Ravi Kishan) madly in love with the widowed daughter in law of a retired army soldier.

He manages to help out all these friends of his, with some having happy endings and others having unhappy ones. But each story does have an ending. Watch the movie find out how these different stories intertwine with each other and how they end.


This film is contrary to Shyam Benegal’s earlier hard-hitting realistic films and is simple, soft and also funny. Shyam Benegal can successfully connect the audience with each of its characters. It is simple, uncomplicated and a lot of happiness served on a platter. It keeps your interest alive throughout.

Star Performances

Everybody delivers an incredible performance, staying true to their character. They portray it earnestly and well they do deserve applause. But the star of the show is without doubt Shreyas Talpade. This seems like the same actor who did Iqbal. Amrita Rao is charming and adorable as ever. Everybody is just thumbs up!

What’s There?

1. The perfect balance of everything – drama, comedy, romance.

2. An effective performance that touches the heart without being overboard.

What’s not there?

1. The film could have genuinely done without the songs.


This movie definitely deserves a watch and lots of appreciation.