Fewer Cuts And More Freedom: Shyam Benegal

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

Fewer Cuts And More Freedom: Shyam Benegal

In order to enhance the artistic freedom in Indian cinema, the Censor Board is trying to renovate the entire procedure of Film Certification. The committee, headed by renowned filmmaker Shyam Benegal, has submitted the first version of their report to Arun Jaitley, the Union Information and Broadcasting Minister on Tuesday.

The report asks the board to consider fewer numbers of cuts which will give the people a lot more freedom to make a film, and also, have more classifications for categories.

Benegal says that the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) shall not put too many restrictions for viewing a film on the basis of their age and maturity. The report says that a film needs to reach the audience in the raw and uncut form. Also, it demanded of more categories.

Currently, Indian Cinema has two categories- first, U for “unrestricted public exhibition” which has a subcategory U/A for “unrestricted public exhibition with an endorsement of caution” and second, the A category which is for adults. The committee demands two sub-categories under U/A: UA12+, which is for “plus 12 years of age” and UA15+ which is for “plus 15 years of age” and a sub-category for A which will be AC for “adults with caution.”

If the statements are implemented, there would be three additional categories: UA12+, UA15+, and AC. The applicants will be required to submit the type of audience they are targeting for a particular film.