The Waarrior Savitri is the Hindi film It released on 25 August 2016 The Param Gill is the director of the movie In the lead role you will find Niharica Rai

Waarrior Savitri Movie Review

Waarrior Savitri Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
Review for the film " Waarrior Savitri"
Runtime: 2 Hours
Certificate: U
Released: 25-08-2016
Genre: Action, Romance, Drama
2 / 5.0



The Waarrior Savitri is the Hindi film. It released on 25 August 2016. The Param Gill is the director of the movie. In the lead role, you will find Niharica Raizada and Rajat Barmecha. In the supporting role, we will get Lucy Pinder, Om Puri, and Gulshan Grover. It is the mixture of action, drama, and romance.

Plot: The plot focuses on the famous story of the Savitri – Satyavan story. As we all know, how Savitri fight with the death of the god, Yamraj. It implies the same concept. In the movie, you will get a modern Savitri of the 21st century. The Niharica Raizada is playing the role of a Savitri. The Rajat Barmecha is playing the role of a Satyavan. The main focus is on how the wife saves the life of a husband. The Satyavan falls in love with the Savitri. He tries to impress her for the marriage. In this, you will enjoy the romantic scenes in it. Finally, they get married. Satyavan has the business of casino in the foreign country. His life is in the danger here. The role of Savitri comes in the play. She shows the dedication of her love towards his husband. She fights with the Yamraj. This is the modern look with the new concept. The audience can enjoy it.

Analysis: The Warrior Savitri is a fable story from the Mahabharata. It is the depiction of the concept in a modern manner. This shows that today’s wife can do anything to save his husband. The trailer of the movie was already in a discussion before the release. There is other releasing on the same day. So, it has to face the competition. Some of the scenes are bold. The Upender Maheshwari and Dr. Bobby Kanada is the producer of the movie. They did their job well. The Param Gill not only performed the direction but also written the story part for it. The Kabir Lal and Syed Shaid Lal have given the cinematography. The Sandip Francis has done the editing for the movie. The Dr. Bobes Production has made the Warrior Savitri. The Param Gill is the music composer for the Warrior Savitri. He had given justice to many of his role in this film. The songs are partly good. The shoot of the film carried on the location of Jodhpur and Las Vegas.

Star Performances: The Niharica Raizada made the entry in the Bollywood. It is her first movie. She needs to be work on her acting. Still, she is well in the role of Savitri. The Udaan fame Rajat Barmecha is good. He can do better than this. The Lucy Pinder, an English model, made his debut in this film. The supporting actors are not so well in the acting and performance stuff. The acting of the Om Puri and Gulshan Grover catches the attention of the audience. The dialogue delivery by the cast is new to hear.

What’s there?

1. The reformulated story according to the modern era.

2. The song in the movie with the foreigner actress is the entertainment for the audience.

What’s not there?

1. The story plot does not keep the attention of the audience.

2. The technical aspect of the picture needs more attention to work on.

3. The entertainment is missing at some points which are the vital component in the film.

Verdict: If you want to see the old fable into a new one, then you can go for it. In case, you don’t have any other option to watch out on then you can catch it in the theater.