Kabir lal is one of the prominent cinematographers in the Indian film industry. Son of a cinematographer S S Lal he continued the legacy of his father and leading industry to a new edge of visual effects and cinematography. Kabir lal was born in Karnataka on june 22,1962.

He has achieved new heights in both South Indian and Bollywood film industry. Also called by name Manu, Kabir has been one of the most successful and talented cinematographers. Kabir lal started his career with a Kannada movie Kartvaya after death of his father in 1986. The first movie went nice for a starter.

American cinematography has been an inspiration to Kabir since his childhood. He was so amazed by cinematography he read all books on cinematography that were published since 1930.Kabir was mentored by his father to start his career in film industry. So he pursued a diploma degree in film industry .His father was also one of the well known cinematographers of his time and hence Kabir was excited by cinematography since his childhood. They say passion leads to path so does Kabir. Kabir did a south Indian movie that ignited his career; Aditya 369 in which there were huge special effects included and that was one of the fantastic movies in his startup that finally lead to the grooming of his future. The movie was directed by a famous director S Srinivasa Rao that also provided a leading edge to the career of Kabir. The movie was basically on a concept of time machine which was able to take you to future and past so the talent of Kabir in special effects in visuals provided him an opportunity to show his caliber. Kabir also did a movie with the same director for which he received an award from Andra Pradesh government; the movie was named as Bhairava Deepam.

The award received by Kabir lead his way to Mumbai. Mumbai was new to Kabir so during his early days in Mumbai he did some special songs for movies like Saajan, Laadla etc. During his early days he did commercials too for nice brands like Timex watches and Bagpiper. Then he got a chance to work with Subhash Ghai for the movie Trimurti and also for a movie Rajkumar starred Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit.This was the actual startup for which Kabir was searching in Mumbai.

Soon after he got chance to work with top directors like Rakesh Roshan for his movie Kaho na pyaar hai and Taal for Subhash Ghai . During his career Kabir has accelerated during all stages and has drastically influenced the film industry across India. Kabir Lal was awarded for best cinematography by Film fare for his movie Taal.

Nikhil Idurkar Hindi Actor

Nikhil Idurkar

Nikhil Idurkar is a Hindi Cinematographer. Nikhil was born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. He is currently residing in Mumbai. Nikhil did his schooling from Ram Mohan English School from 1985-1987 and St. Francis D’Assisi School in Borivali from 1987-1998. He went for higher studies in Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Arts in 2004, pursuing Photography and Whistling Wood International Film School in 2007 for pursuing Cinematography. Nikhil was always fond of photography. It was his dream to join this field. He is doing well in this field and has done some remarkable work. Nikhil can speak English, Hindi, Marathi, and Konkani. He got engaged in 2013 and married on 2nd May 2014. First, Nikhil used to work as a photographer, but later he joined other companies and worked in many movies, short films, and documentaries. Nikhil used to work as a cinematographer at The Undercover Ganesha Productions. Nikhil has worked in films, TV shows, documentaries, music videos and short films. Nikhil is known for his work in the movie Taxi No. 9211: Nau Do Gyara. This movie was directed by Milan Luthra and the lead male actors are John Abraham and Nana Patekar. The lead female actors in the movie are Sameera Reddy and Sonali Kulkarni. This film revolves around a cabbie and a businessman who are in need of money. They are introduced by a taxi ride and had no idea about what is coming ahead in future. The film can be said as an adventurous taxi ride. Nikhil was the in charge of the camera and electrical department in the movie Taxi No. 9211: Nau Do Gyarah and Anwar, directed by Manish Jha, starring Nauheed Cyrusi, Rajpal Yadav, Siddharth Koirala and Manisha Koirala. Nikhil worked as a cinematographer in Morya directed by Vihang Walve, Surag directed by Sanjay Grover, Ek Filter Coffee directed by Shetty Sheetal, The Whirlwind Trap directed by Ravikanth Misshra, Confession directed by Sanjay Grover and Happy Birthday directed by Shetty Sheetal.  Nikhil, at his young age, has achieved a lot. He is very talented and hard working. Nikhil is an experienced D.O.P/Cinematographer with a highly creative mind for lighting and composition. He is very passionate about his work.. He has experience in a lot of formats. Nikhil works as a team player with cooperation and coordination. He is very reliable, friendly, enthusiastic and a true professional.


Viswamangal Kitsu

Viswamangal Kitsu is a well-known film cinematographer of India. He took birth in a rural village of India, Kuthuparamba which is in North Kerala region in India. He did his schooling in Sainik School which is in Kazhakootam, India in 1987. As Viswamangal Kitsu was interested as well as very passionate for cinematography, so he decided to learn it from (FTII) Film and Television Institute of India which is in Pune, Maharashtra in 1997. Viswamangal Kitsu’s first excellence in photography with a local daily for whom, he worked as an unpaid intern, it was not easy for him to attain this position but his hard work brought success towards him. When he moved to Mumbai, he also worked as an Illustrator for a movie magazine. After completing his graduation from (FTII) Film and Television Institute of India which in Pune, Maharashtra in 1997, he started working as a cinematographer for Commercials Television Promos, Feature Films as well as Documentaries based on some formats. Viswamangal Kitsu did cinematography for a number of films such as, Mansarovar, The Blueberry Hunt in 2016 starring Naseeruddin Shah, Vipin Sharma, PJ Unnikrishnan and Aahana Kumra; Gauri: The Unborn, 2007, which is a horror hit giving a social message, starring popular actors such as Mohan Azaad, Anupam Kher, Atul Kulkarni, Manasi; feature film: Lessons in Forgetting, November Rain in 2006 directed and produced by Vinu Joseph and Touch Screen Corporation, and Currency in 2009 by Swathi Bhaskar and Indo Star Movie Magic etc. Viswamangal Kitsu also has worked with well-known celebrities like K Gireeshkumar, Rituparna Sengupta, Raju Singh, Aku Akbar, Anup Kurian, D Dheena Dayalan, Arun Kurian, Mathewkutty J mattam, Raju Singh, Amit Mohan. Viswamangal Kitsu made his debut as a cinematographer by shooting his first film, Mansarovar. Mansarovar also got an official entry in London Film Festival of 2004; this film even became the opening film at IFFI (International Film Festival of India) in the year 2004. Viswamangal Kitsu was the cinematographer of Feature film, Lessons in Forgetting 2013, which was the National Award winning feature film, which made him feel honored for himself. Viswamangal Kitsu always did cinematography for his films by pinhole cameras, which are made by him only. Doing cinematography by self-made pinhole cameras became a passion for him that he always desired to pursue it, and today he is fulfilled with name and fame by becoming a successful cinematographer in the film industry.

Viswamangal Kitsu Hindi Actor