Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and Mary Kom are the most successful sports dramas made in the Bollywood industry. After the success of PK, Rajkumar Hirani came up with a sp

Saala Khadoos Movie Review

Saala Khadoos Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Saala Khadoos"
Runtime: 2 Hours 30 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 28-01-2016
Genre: Sports
3.75 / 5.0



Bhaag Milkha Bhaag Click to look into! >> Read More... Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and Mary Kom Click to look into! >> Read More... Mary Kom are the most successful sports dramas made in the Bollywood industry. After the success of PK, Rajkumar Hirani Rajkumar Hirani is one of the ace director, screen >> Read More... Rajkumar Hirani came up with a sports drama Saala Khadoos Click to look into! >> Read More... Saala Khadoos . R. Madhavan and Rajkumar Hirani have produced the film. The film also stars R. Madhavan in the lead role and is directed by Sudha Kongara Prasad Sudha Kongara Prasad is a director of the Indian F >> Read More... Sudha Kongara Prasad . The sports drama was released in Tamil on the same date as the Hindi version.


Adi Tomar played by R. Madhavan failed to become an international boxer because of the politics in India. Despite being talented, he was ignored by the selection authorities. Ten years later, he is now a coach and is training boxers to reach the required level, but even after ten long years, the system has not changed yet. When he challenges the authorities, he is falsely convicted of sexual harassment. He is transferred to Chennai where he discovers boxing talent in Madhi, who belongs to the local slum. Madhi, who is a fish seller, is very lazy and stubborn. Adi decides to give Madhi’s aggressive nature a direction. Adi makes arrangements for training her. In a chain of events, Madhi reaches the qualifying stage but fails to qualify. After the match, Madhi reveals her feeling for Adi. Adi is furious at this and fires her. Madhi goes off track where she is brain washed by Dev. After realizing her mistake, she returns back to her home. Dev, on the other hand, approaches Adi. He asks Adi to resign if he wants to see Madhi take part in the semifinals of the tournament. Adi resigns, and Madhi goes on to win the tournament. Madhi is happy to see Adi at the stadium to help her. In the end, the coach and student reunite by hugging each other.

Star Performances

R. Madhavan has again proven his worth to Rajkumar Hirani. Though all the lights were on Madhavan before the release Ritika stole the show when the curtains were raised. She played her character to the fullest. This girl is surely going to go a long way in the industry.


After the huge success of PK all over the world Rajkumar Hirani was expected to come up with something even more than what PK produced. R. Madhavan has raised his standard even higher with his role. Debutant Ritika Singh Ritika Singh is an actress born on the 16th of Dec >> Read More... Ritika Singh is the find from the film. She has played the role of Madhi exceptionally.

What’s there?

1. The locations of the film fit the scenes perfectly, and the picturing of songs is also fantastic.
2. The music by Santhosh Narayanan Santhosh Narayanan was born on 15 May 1983 in Tami >> Read More... Santhosh Narayanan is also fine. Songs like ‘Jhalli Patakha’ and ‘Saala Khadoos’’ caught the eye of the public.
3. Ritika Singh is the one to watch out for.

 What’s not there?

1. R. Madhavan’s role is fantastic but looks fabricated during the movie.
2. The film lacked a title song which could have inspired more audience.
3. All aspects have been covered by Rajkumar Hirani, but it lacked the edge to break the records.


If you have watched Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and Mary Kom then you will love to watch this one. Although it is not a biopic, this can be viewed with family and friends.