Nishabdham is scripted and directed by Hemant Madhukar. The screenplay is by Kona Venkat, who is also the producer. The soundtrack is by Gopi Sundar and the s

Nishabdham Movie Review

Nishabdham Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Nishabdham"
Runtime: 2 Hours 05 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 02-04-2020
Genre: Drama
2.25 / 5.0

Nishabdham Click to look into! >> Read More... Nishabdham ’ is scripted and directed by Hemant Madhukar Hemant Madhukar is an Indian Film Director and a W >> Read More... Hemant Madhukar . The screenplay is by Kona Venkat Kona Venkat is a prominent Indian screenwriter, di >> Read More... Kona Venkat , who is also the producer. The soundtrack is by Gopi Sundar The precious icon of the Indian music industry, Go >> Read More... Gopi Sundar and the score is by Girishh G. Shaneil Deo cranked the camera and Prawin Pudi Prawin Pudi is a gratifying, talented and versatil >> Read More... Prawin Pudi is the editor. “ R Madhavan R Madhavan is a popular film actor in Tamil and Hi >> Read More... R Madhavan ,” Anushka Shetty Anushka Shetty is the popular South Indian star wh >> Read More... Anushka Shetty , “ Anjali Indian top model and Telugu and Tamil star Anjali >> Read More... Anjali ,” Shalini Pandey Shalini Pandey is an Indian film actress. She kick >> Read More... Shalini Pandey , “ Subbaraju Subbaraju is mainly seen in Telugu films. He is an >> Read More... Subbaraju ,” Srinivas Avasarala Srinivas Avasarala is a Telugu film celebrity, who >> Read More... Srinivas Avasarala and Michael Madsen Michael Madsen stepped on this earth on September >> Read More... Michael Madsen are in the cast.


Sakshi is a mute artist. The great musician Anthony Gonsalves was impressed by her paintings and get it for 1 million. Later, he befriends with Sakshi. They both develop feeling for each other and get engaged. Sakshi grew up in an orphanage and she has a close friend, Sonali. In fact, she is the voice of Sakshi. Sonali is missing after Sakshi’s engagement event with Anthony. Meanwhile, a murder happens in a haunted house and it is related to Sakshi. When the inquiry is on, the Crime Detective agent Maha, digs out a lot of secrets. Her superior is Richard Dawkins. While they were investigating the case, Maha’s colleague, Tom gets killed. On the spot, Maha finds out a piece of evidence. She is shocked to know the connection of a biggie in this case. Who is that? Watch the film to know the interesting story.

Star Performance

Anushka has played her role perfectly as a mute person. Her body language and expressions are fantastic. Shalini Pandey plays a possessive friend of Anushka. She had done her part well. Subbaraju looks smart and also had done a smart job. Anjali is good in her role. Last but not least, Maddy has got a different role in this film and this is going to surprise his fans for sure.


The script is not new and we have seen a lot of thriller stories with a haunted background. The artists’ selection is quite okay. However, it would have been better if someone had dubbed for Anjali with a stylish accent. The costumes are fine and the cinematography is pretty neat. The BGM is okay, but the songs didn’t impress. The movie is slow initially, and only after the narration by Subbaraju, the story seems to travel on the right length. However, the screenplay could have been better and we can see a lot of wobbling in the screenplay, as it travels here and there aimlessly.

What’s There?

  • Stars did their part well

What’s Not There?

  • The screenplay is not much impressive
  • Some depth is missing while reasoning the deaths


Although the film is a thriller with Anushka and Maddy on the lead side, it lacks some grip. If you are an Anushka and Maddy fan and want to try the thriller genre, you can try it once.