Information Apne is Anil Sharma 39 s fresh attempt focussing on how strong the familial connection is Anecdote of the story moves back to its starting poin

Apne Movie Review

Apne Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Apne"
Runtime: 2 Hours 44 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 29-06-2007
Genre: Family, Drama, Sports
2.5 / 5.0


Apne is Anil Sharma's fresh attempt focussing on how strong the familial connection is. Anecdote of the story moves back to its starting point in his fresh revelation of sentiments. Dharmendra enacting the role of a father with his both offscreen sons Sunny and Bobby. The story seems potent showing the scrim of boxing resulting in growing conflicts in the family. Sentiments with various series 'tween father and son are thrilling. Furthermore, the series of competitions of boxing is exciting making your heart rate to rise because of the tautness that is portrayed in the movie. Altogether, it is appealing for desi people.


Dharmendra plays the role of Baldevsingh, who have been debarred from the sphere of boxing because of some invalid allegations hence retiring to a lifestyle of soul-stirring mortification at this moment developing hatred amongst everyone and towards himself no doubt. The hope of seeing his elder son Angad to regain his extinct integrity shattered since he declines to fight calling it 'good for nothing' and going against his will he indulges himself into agricultural farming whereas younger son Karan who is handicapped not able to use his left arm due to an accident in his past. After accepting his son's rejection, he opts GauravGhera and instructs him hastily well to be deceived in future. Now how will he chastise his integrity?

Star performance:

Apne, wholly belongs to Dharmendra. The old- stager shrieks like never before hence making it evident that he is a spectacular performer. Sunny Deol is, as usual, superb while Bobby Deol could have made it better by working on his physique and is a major drawback for him in the film. Female actors in the lead did not show up much. Katrina was there just for hovering her lashes while Shilpa made it to few scenes. Whereas KirronKher is magnificent as ever, far better than other female actors.

What is not in the movie?

1. The movie could have had stretched less.

2. Photoplay however, is terse of yielding to indifference at times.

3. Music too had no abiding outcome as it is not usual that the father and sons trio shows up together in a single movie.


On an average, Apne is propertied with sentiments hence can entertain people who love emotional, familial movies.