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Coat is a Hindi drama and family film released in 2023. Akshay Ditti is the film s director. Kumar Abhishek and Akshay Ditti are the story writers. The film s p

Coat Movie Review

Coat Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
Written by Prajwal Ahluwalia
Review for the film " Coat"
Runtime: 02 Hour 02 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 04-08-2023
Genre: Drama
3 / 5.0



Coat is a Hindi drama and family film released in 2023. Akshay Ditti Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Akshay Ditti is the film’s director. Kumar Abhishek and Akshay Ditti are the story writers. The film’s producers are Kumar Abhishek, Pinnu Singh, Arpit Garg, and Shiv Aryan Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Shiv Aryan . Yogesh M. Koli is the cinematographer, and Sanjay Sankla Sanjay Sankla is an Indian film editor who is know >> Read More... Sanjay Sankla is the film’s editor. The music is composed by Joy-Anjan and Chandan Saxena.

Vivaan Shah Vivaan Shah is an Indian Film actor. He was born o >> Read More... Vivaan Shah is the leading cast. Sanjay Mishra Sanjay Mishra is an Indian comedian, most famous f >> Read More... Sanjay Mishra , Pooja Pandey Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Pooja Pandey , Badal Rajput, Gagan Gupta Gagan Gupta was a renowned actor in the Bollywood >> Read More... Gagan Gupta , Sonal Jha Sonal Jha, the Indian film actress, and theater ar >> Read More... Sonal Jha , Harshita Pandey Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Harshita Pandey , and Navin Prakash Navin Prakash, who is one of the non-celebrity par >> Read More... Navin Prakash play supporting roles.


The film revolves around a young man named Madho (Vivaan Shah), who belongs to a low-caste family. His father, Mohan Ram (Sanjay Mishra), is a pig farmer. It is a low-income occupation having no respect in the rural Indian community. Things become interesting when a group of foreigners comes to their village in Bihar. Madho sees that they are wearing beautiful coats and are respected by everyone around them. This incident sparks a desire in Madho’s heart. He wishes to buy a similar coat, so that he can earn the same respect. He makes numerous attempts to fulfill his wish but fails in all. However, things take an unexpected turn when he falls in love with a high-caste girl named Sakshi (Pooja Pandey).

Will Madho be able to fulfill his desire? What will happen to the love between Madho and Sakshi?

Star Performance

Vivaan Shah steals the whole film with his performance. Even though he belongs to the metropolitan city of Mumbai, he fantastically played the character of a village boy in Bihar. Vivaan looks innocent on screen. With his performance, he delivers a powerful message to the viewers.

Sanjay Mishra and Sonal Jha, who played the role of Madho’s parents, gave an outstanding performance. They add depth to this film. Their dialogues and expressions make the film impressive.

Pooja Pandey looks beautiful on screen. She tried her best to make the film impressive. Her love chemistry with Madho is sweet. Navin Prakash, Gagan Gupta, and the rest of the supporting cast gave a brilliant performance.


The film Coat highlights the difficulties and socioeconomic issues faced by the underprivileged sections of society. It gives a message that genuine respect comes from one’s personality and success in life rather than material things. It focuses on education, self-confidence, and removing social prejudices. Themes of optimism, hope, and self-discovery are explored.

The director deserves a lot of appreciation for beautifully portraying the struggles of lower-caste communities in rural Bihar. The love story between Madho and Sakshi further adds depth to the film. The film’s pace is perfectly balanced. The cinematographer deserves praise for beautifully capturing the rural life of Bihar. The music further enriches the emotional scenes.

However, the execution weakens in this second half. Some scenes showing Madho working with locals and doing business reduce the overall experience. As a whole, Coat is an impressive and engaging film.

What’s There?

• Prejudice faced by low-caste people.

• The socio-economic struggle of underprivileged sections of society.

• Message-oriented film.

• It highlights the importance of education, self-confidence, and removing societal prejudice.

• Themes of determination and self-discovery.

• Sach Karle Sapna song is heart-touching.

• Emotional scenes.

• Neat cinematography and fantastic music.

• Excellent performance by the cast.

What’s Not There?

• Weak execution.

• The film’s second half seems to be a little bit rushed.

• Minor technical glitches.


Coat is a message-oriented film that addresses various societal problems and prejudices. Despite a weak execution, the unique story and the cast performances hold the film firmly. You should definitely watch the film Coat. It will touch your heart.