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London Paris New York Movie Review

London Paris New York Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " London Paris New York"
Runtime: 1 Hour 40 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 02-03-2012
Genre: Romance
3.25 / 5.0


This film captures the feel of the twenties, most amazing period of nearly everybody’s life- when you wish to conquer the world when you live in your dream world. This story is also not so different. Lalitha is a middle class south Indian girl from Chembur (an eastern suburb in Mumbai) who is heading to new York to study politics with scholarship, and Nikhil is a Punjabi, a rich kid from a posh western suburb of Mumbai, who is going to study Film Making completely of dad’s money.

They plan one evening together and are so much attached to each other even after knowing that their future lies on different continents. This film comprises their three meetings in a span of 8 years in three different cites around the world (London Paris and New York). All three chapters tend to showcase both of their mental state and behavior. Three famous rivers viz- Thames, Seine, and Hudson witness their affection.


Ali Zafar has obviously created a lot of fan following after his performance in LPNY. Not only with his acting kills, but people loved his music, singing, and lyrics. Aditi Rao Hyderi has also not failed to leave an impression on people’s minds. Her molding into the character of Lalitha seems very natural and authentic.


  • Humor and realism are balanced very authentically.
  • The audience will always tuned to the movie.
  • Work is creative.
  • Cinematography of Sameer Arya is the USP of ther film.


The director has tried to make an unusual romcom but the film sometimes tests our patience with its slow pace. 


LPNY is a motivation  for new directors and youth. This is a kind of movie that our youth, i.e., potential costumers of movie makers, are going to love. It is a must watch.