Plot Loot talks about the story of four burglars Pandit Buildaer Akabar and Wilson who work for Batliwala nbsp and nbsp are asked to go to Pattaya and stee

Loot Movie Review

Loot Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Loot"
Runtime: 1 Hour 50 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 04-11-2011
Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime
1.5 / 5.0

Loot talks about the story of four burglars, Pandit, Buildaer, Akabar and Wilson, who work for Batliwala and are asked to go to Pattaya and steel a house of the given address. As they reach there with their secretary, Tanya Sharma, they are instructed to steel a car. They then go to the house and steel as per the given instructions. The group then realize that they have stolen from the wrong address and that the house belongs to a don, Lal Bhatti. The car they had stolen also belonged to a thief who is looking for the thieves. The chase carries on and all the characters begin a run around for some audio tapes, that will be the prize.
Eventually, the four of them manage to set the villians against each other but what they gain knowledge of is something they never expected. Who was behind the whole plan? What is the fate of the quarter? How will they manage to escape the don? What will Batliwala do? To answer these questions, watch the movie.
This movie is a copy-paste of the English movie CRIME SPREE (2003), and we say that in the literal sense. Perhaps, the script could have been better written, emphasizing on the punch lines. The actors to try hard to get themselves across, but fail miserably. The movie begins on a simple note with a normal robbery but goes on with too many characters and too much confusion. 

Star performances:
Each and every actor has acted way below their potential. Actors like Govinda, Suniel Shetty and Javed Jaffrey have given performances that are way above this one. It really upsets us to see them here. Mahesh Manjrekar, however, gets into the character completely and comes out way better than anyone else in the movie.

What’s there?
Mika Singh is the surprise element. Pattaya, as a location is a plus point for the movie. Some of the comedy punches do turn out to be successful.
What’s not there?
There is lack of originality, good music, direction, acting, and more importantly the script. Basically there was a lot of scope for improvement in all the important aspects of the movie.

This movie can be avoided but if you are really willing to watch it, do so at your discretion.