IshqTera is a story of a couple who have to face the tricks of life Hrishita Bhatt is seen in a lead role after a long time Plot The story begins with Rahul

Ishq Tera Movie Review

Ishq Tera Movir Review Hindi Movie Review
Review for the film " Ishq Tera"
Runtime: 2 Hours 02 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 27-04-2018
Genre: Romance, Drama
2 / 5.0



IshqTera is a story of a couple who have to face the tricks of life. Hrishita Bhatt is seen in a lead role after a long time.


The story begins with Rahul ( Mohit Madan Mohit Madan is an upcoming Bollywood actor. Born i >> Read More... ) and Kalpana (Hrishita Bhatt) who are childhood sweethearts and have now decide to get married. The couple is still in their honeymoon phase when Rahul discovers that Kalpana suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. Her alter ego Laila is a nymphomaniac and is too much for Rahul to handle. He suffers from various infidelities as his wife is just too hard to contain. Rahul wants his wife back but is aware that there is no cure for this condition. But, he wants the love of his life back, so he transforms himself into a much cooler guy ‘ Kabir Kabir was a fifteenth-century Indian saint and mys >> Read More... ’ to woo Kaplana’s ego. Will true love triumph?


IshqTera offers a love story of a love-sick couple through the most unfathomable experiences. The concept of the movie is a different take on regular stories in Bollywood. The makers try to explore a different aspect of life and send in a message revealing the true face of the society. But, it fails to keep the interests of the audience for long. The story does not have a continuous flow or transition. The storyline isn’t strong enough to support the movie. The actors have given their 100 percent but the execution lacks invariably. Hrishita and Mohit are a convincing couple as Kaplana and Rahul as well as their alter egos, Laila and Kabir. The editing of the movie, however, was not up to the mark which leaves us unconnected to the movie and the actors’ talent to waste. The direction of the movie was expected to be good as it’s a Jojo D'Souza movie but to our dismay, even direction isn't that great.

Star Performances

Mohit and Hrishita have done a very good job both as Kalpana and Rahul and Laila and Kabir. You are convinced that the two of them are in love with each other. The supporting cast has also done a fair job nonetheless.

What’s There?

  • IshqTera offers you a good romantic flick with a different twist.
  • The idea of the feature is different and fresh.

What’s Not There?

  • What IshqTera lacks is a good storyline and execution.
  • The movie would have been critically great if the makers would have given importance to the script.
  • The film does not even have good songs.


IshqTera is a movie you could afford to give a pass. The storyline isn’t that compelling at all to name a few flaws.